Thanksgiving Morning

Dean and Halle (now 6 months pregnant) attends the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Afterwards, they pick up some last minute groceries for dinner.

Halle- "Hmm, I hope we're not forgetting anything."

Dean- "Let's see, we got the carrots, peppers, onions, eggs..."
Halle- "Oh, we need more drinks."


Kelly calls Shane.
(They haven't been dating, but they've been keeping in touch.)

[Cellphone Ringing]

Shane- "Hey."
Kelly- "Is that invitation still open?"

(After finding out that Kelly's sister would be out of town with her husband's family and her father would be pulling a shift, truck driving, Shane invited Kelly to Thanksgiving dinner.)

Shane- "Of course."
Kelly- "Well, I would love to come."
Shane- "Okay, I'll pick you up later."

On the other side of town...
Jessie gives Carissa a call.

(Things have been a little tense between them recently.  It all started when Jessie didn't invite her to Thanksgiving to meet his family.)

Jessie- "Hey, just called to say Happy Thanksgiving."
Carissa- "Same to you, Jessie."

Long silence.

Carissa- "Have a safe flight."
Jessie- "Carissa, please don't be upset."

Carissa- "How can I not, Jessie.  It made me question our relationship.  What exactly do you want from it...where is it going?"

Jessie- "I-I...Carissa, let's not do this right now."
Carissa- "Fine Jessie.  We'll do it when you get back."

The Waverlys Place
Halle and Dean have made it back home and her parents have come to help prepare dinner.

Halle calls Alex (she was supposed to have flown in from LA this morning).

She has been in LA for the past 3 months filming.  The independent movie she auditioned for and got, was picked up by a major studio.  They made a few changes, but kept Alex as leading lady.

She picks up her phone quickly, sounding irritated.
Alex- "My freaking flight was cancelled!  And I can't for the life of me find another flight."
Alex gets an incoming call.
Alex- "One sec, Halle."

She clicks over for a moment and then she's back.

Alex- "Guess what just happened?"
Halle- "Um, you found a way home?"
Alex- "Yep!"

Alex- "I met a friend, Mark, at this big shot party and he has a private jet.  That's how this girl is getting home."
Halle- "Alex, please be safe."
Alex- "Always.  A few people from the set are flying too."

Halle- "That's nice of him.  Well, get home, we miss you."
Alex- "I miss you guys too.  And give little Alex a rub for auntie."
Halle laughs- "I told you, we are not naming him or her Alex."
Alex smiles- "Well, it was worth another shot."

After Halle hangs up with her sister, she takes a seat next to her dad and tackles the cake batter.

They get to talking about the baby's gender.

Michael- "Honey, you really don't want to know?"
Halle- "I do and I don't.  But more do than don't.  But then I really don't."
Michael- "I see the struggle."

Dean- "That's why the doctor wrote it down and put it in an envelope, just in case the really want to know wins."

Halle smiles- "It just might."
Michael- "Do you know, Dean?"

Dean- "Nope, I didn't let the doctor tell me."

Dean- "And Halle hid the envelope very well."
Lisa- "Oh reeeeaaaally."
Halle- "Mom, don't even think it."


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you Adrian and The Waverly's!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! thank you for your wonderful stories they make my day :)

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  6. Hello from Spain: Happy Thanksgiving Day. Nice pictures. Great family holiday. Keep in touch

  7. Great story! Halle looks too cute! I love the Waverly's home!

  8. Halle looks radiant and super cute in that top!


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