Thanksgiving Night

Everyone has gathered at
Halle and Dean's home.

A few of the guys enjoy some football.

Delilah and Carissa's mom have another slice of pumpkin pie.

Halle, Dean and Naava (Dean's mother) are chatting when the doorbell rings.

Halle- "I'll get it."

Halle smiles- "Well, hey there superstar."
Alex- "Oh my gosh!  You're so adorable.  Hey Lil Alex."
Halle laughs- "You're relentless."

Halle invites Alex's guest inside and then Alex introduces him to everyone.  He's Mark Serta.

Halle shows them to the food.
Mark- "Looks great.  Thanks for having me."

Halle- "Sure.  And thanks for getting my sister home."

Mark- "Nothing to it.  She can fly with me anytime."

Mark- "She's good company."

Alex- "Don't I know it."

Halle smiles- "She really is.  If there's anything you need, just let me know."
Mark- "Thanks again."
Halle- "You're welcome."

Halle leaves them to do their thing.  She looks over and Carissa is FRANTICALLY washing something off her top.

Halle- "Carissa, what happened?"
Carissa- "I've spilled wine on myself!"

Carissa- "I was able to get most of it out, but now I'm soaking wet.  Do you have a top I can borrow?"
Halle- "Yeah, follow me."

They make it upstairs to Halle and Dean's bedroom closet.

Halle- "Mom!  I cannot believe you're actually snooping!"
Lisa- "Ummm..."

Lisa- "Oh, this isn't the bathroom.  Excuse me."

She hurries out the closet and had no luck with finding the envelope.  Halle just laughs it off and digs through her clothes for a top.

Halle- "How's this?"
Carissa- "That works."

She throws it on.  They are about to leave, but Halle stops and turns around.

Halle- "Um, Carissa, is everything okay?"
Carissa- "Huh?  Why do you ask?"

Halle- "Well, you were putting a beating to your top and know, you seem different."
Carissa- ", I'm fine.  Nothing wrong here."
Halle- "Oh, well, my mistake."

Halle- "But, you know I'm here if you ever want to talk."
Carissa- "I know.  Nothing's wrong, really."

They leave it at that and make their way downstairs.

Much Later

The women gather in the living room and chat away.

The men enjoy the last game of the evening.

Thanksgiving Dinner Comes to an End
All the guests have gone home.

Halle and Dean are about to get ready for bed.  But, first...

Halle with the envelope in hand- "I can't take it anymore!  I have to know."

Dean- "You really wanna look?"
Halle- "I so do."

Dean smiles- "Let's do it."
He opens the envelope and grins- "We're having a girl!"

Halle sheds tears of joy.  They finally know and it feels amazing.
Dean- "I love you."
Through her tears- "I love you too."

Dean leans in and plants a kiss.


  1. Hello from Spain: nice pictures. I really like your television. It seems real. Halle is very pretty wearing the maxi dress. I love the dressing. Many nice clothes. I also prefer a baby girl. Halle is fortunate. Great story. Keep in touch

  2. Halle looks radiant! Glad everyone had a great time. Very funny finding her mom snooping! Congratulations on the baby girl!

  3. Yeah, they're having a girl! Can't wait to see what Halle does with the baby's room! The grands are gonna spoil that baby, I just know it!

  4. congrats on having a girl! another great holiday get to gather.

  5. Yay!!! I am so very excited for them! I look SO forward to seeing how you decorate the room! I absolutely love how you style your homes. Halle looks beautiful in that gorgeous dress! Thanks for letting us all in before her snooping Mother. Lol!

    Happy Sunday!

  6. Aw...I can see the baby being Daddy's little girl. :-) Mark is a cutie and seems nice enough. I don't know if he can handle Alex though, lol. It'll be interesting to see if anything developes. Kelly and Shane look adorable as usual. Love the house and I see new touches...very nice. Looking forward to next episode. :-)

  7. this is amazing! so happy for them. Tracy you're right I can see the baby as daddy's little girl :)
    they will be wonderful parents. I hope things work out for Carissa and Jesse, I love them together!

  8. Halle está linda gravida. Tiveram uma bonita festa de ação de graças. A mãe querendo pegar o envelope Hahahaha! Carissa....O que está passando mesmo com ela?

  9. Hola, que lindas fotos.
    Como siempre, me encanta tu blog. Saludos desde Mexico.
    Hasta pronto.

  10. Please allow Halle to do a pregnancy photo shoot with her and dean.

  11. Hello! I've just dicovered YOur blog and read all the posts from the beginning! I love Your detailed setups and ideas, congratulations!
    I have also a blog:
    Best wishes from Hungary! :)

  12. When is the next episode coming can't wait. Please keep up the good work.

  13. I can't wait to see the baby. I'm so happy for them. And I'm happy that Alex have job now

  14. Are you going to post a Christmas episode

  15. What did you use to make the baby bump on Halle?

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Please hurry and post another story. I've been following you since the beginning, and you really need to post another story, we miss you.

  18. Where did you get your silverware from? Great photography

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