6 in the Morning

Jessie and Carissa are snoozing.
over at the Waverly's place...
Halle kisses Dean goodbye.

Halle- "I'll see you later babe.  Have a good day at work."
Dean- "You too, I love you."
Halle- "I love you too."
Then she's out the door.
At Mocha Velvet
Kelly is meeting with Kiko (recommended by Dean), who's going to help with marketing, promotion and anything else she needs to get business on the up.
Kiko's just had samples of a few of Kelly's desserts.
Kiko- "Your stuff is absolutely delicious."
Kelly- "Thank you."
Kiko- "Okay, now..."
Kiko- "It's going to take time for change, along with my friend focus, good old determination and a ton of patience."
Kelly- "Well, I'm all in, whatever it takes."
Kiko- "Fantastic."
The Boutique
Tiffany and Amber are working the morning shift with Halle.  They all prepare for opening.

Halle- "I need you to place these items in the machine, along with the ones in this box."

Amber- *in a whisper* "Ugh, I hate this."

Halle- "What was that?"
Amber- *sniff* "Nothing, Halle."
Halle- "Amber, please turn around and talk to me."

Amber turns with tears in her eyes.
Halle- "Amber, what is going on?  Is there anything you want to talk about?"
Amber- "No!"
Halle- "Can I talk to you in my office?"

Amber- "Why not here?"
Halle- "Look, Amber, maybe this isn't the best fit for you."
Amber- "Huh?  What?  Does that mean you're firing me?!"

Halle- "I'm so sorry, Amber, but it just isn't working out.  I truly hoped that-"
Amber- "Save it!"
Amber throws the shoes down

And hustles out the door.

Tiffany- "Halle, I'll load the machine.  I'm done with the mannequins."
Halle- "Thanks Tiffany."

As Tiffany works with the machine, Halle goes to take care of the paperwork for Amber's firing.


  1. Hello from Spain: it is sad to fire a worker. Halle is a great head for business. Keep in touch

    1. Hey Marta. Yeah, it's unfortunate, but it had to be done.

  2. Amber should've just been happy that she had a job. I hope things goes okay for Kelly. And I can't wait to what will happen between Carissa and Jessie

    1. It's going to be fun working with those 2. Kelly shouldn't worry and Amber was just plain ungrateful.

  3. Wow! I got to say, Carissa's got game! At least she isn't letting the whole Oliver debacle bother her. I'm glad, even if she's with Jessie. And go Halle! Finally! It isn't worth it to have a disgruntled employee around.

    1. Yes, Amber is finally outta there! A weight has been lifted. And Carissa's working it out, Oliver's no where on the brain. Thanks Jessie. ;)

  4. Thanks for all the updated stories. The quality of your pictures are fantastic!

    1. Thank you! Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze in more updates.

  5. i'm glad amber is gone. i just hope she don't come back and do something stupid.

    1. Yeah, hopefully she's gone for good. Halle doesn't need the drama.

  6. I love Halle and Dean's bathroom! It looks great! Amber needs to find work elsewhere. It was not working out for her. Good riddance! Lol!

    1. Lol She has finally got the much needed boot! Thanks Vickey :)

  7. Loving the morning shot of J C together. ;-)

    Demand and Halle...LOVE them and how they love each other.

    I'm happy to see Kelly getting some help with marketing and the snarky faxed Raquelle was cast perfectly as Kiko.

    Amber was more trouble then help. Maybe she'll find a better fit elsewhere. She maybe upset about her position with the boutique but wait 'til she finds out about Jessie and Carissa. ;-)

  8. Playing catch up.... Loving the beautiful bathroom. Funny how the cartoonish faced Racquelle doll looks so normal here. Amber is a trip! She will have a hard time keeping a job with that attitude and the chip she has on her shoulder. I'm glad Halle finally let her go.


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