12 Noon

Halle digs out the 'Help Wanted' sign.
At Pinnacle, Dean and Olivia talk potential investment opportunities.
On the other side of Town
Alex gets another modeling job, through the model agency.
Carissa Wakes Up

She grabs her dress and puts it on.

She combs her fingers through her hair to tame the messiness and then finds her way to the restroom.
When she's done, she looks for Jessie and finds him in the kitchen.

Carissa- "Hey there."
Jessie gets up.
Wrapping his arms around her- "Hey, how did you sleep?"
Carissa- "Wonderful."
Jessie- "Good."
Carissa- "What time is it?"
Jessie- "Noon.  How about I order up some lunch?"
Carissa- "That would be nice, but I should go."
Jessie- "So soon?"

Carissa- "Yeah, I know, sorry."
Jessie- "No need to be sorry.  I'll just have to call you later."
Carissa- "Hope so."

They say goodbye.
Carissa's Home

She puts her things down,

Says hello to Gigi,

Grabs a shower,

Then checks her messages.  There's one from Halle and a few angry ones from Oliver.
She returns Halle's call, but it goes to voicemail.
She gets up carrying Gigi with her, lies across the bed and

Wonders what to do about Oliver.


  1. Adrian, you've got me smiling over here. :-). I don't know what it is about Carissa and Jessie but I really like them. I'm not getting my hopes up because I know there's a possibility it won't last but I'm enjoying them for now.

    Oliver needs a woman who likes his type of crazy. The fact that he's so forward is one thing, some might even appreciate that but a mamma's boy is a no no.

    Great series!

    1. "Oliver needs a woman who likes his type of crazy." - LOL!!! Too funny!

      I knew you would love these 2 together, since you've been pretty much rooting for them since day one. :D And I have to be honest, I was unsure about them being together, because I felt that the chemistry just wasn't there, but I was so wrong. Hopefully things will work out for them. Thanks Tracy!

  2. Jesse and Carissa look good together and I have been rooting for them. Hopefully, things will work out for them. As far as Oliver goes, Carissa needs to tell him it just isn't going to work. Hopefully, he won't become a stalker! Maybe it is good that he lives in another city. Can't wait to see more!

    1. It's nice to see all the support for Jessie and Carissa. I think they have a good chance of building a lasting relationship. And fingers crossed that Oliver leaves quietly. Thanks Phyllis!

  3. I don't like Oliver... But Jesse is great :) I like them together.. :)

  4. Well! It looks like Alex is serious about straightening up! And oh Carissa...She has quite a pickle to get herself out of. If that was me, I wouldn't even bother with explaining myself. What is done, is done. Excellent job!

    1. I am super proud of Alex. :D She's doing her thing. And I agree with you on Carissa's situation, it's done, can't take it back.

  5. I hope Halle finds some good help. Glad Alex is working. Love the connection between Jesse and Carrisa. You have the cutest couples.

    1. Thank you. Halle wanted to add 'no drama please' to her sign, but figured that would be unprofessional. Hopefully the perfect doll will come through the door. It's going to be fun to see how Jessie and Carissa's relationship progresses.

  6. carissa don't stress over oliver, let it go just move forward with jessie and be happy.

    1. Well said Shirley! I completely agree. We'll see what she does.

  7. I love Carissa and Jessie together!! Please, more!! Kisses!

  8. Ohhhhhhh! I really thought that Jessie was dreaming again but they actually went and did it! Oh my goodness, I don't even know what to say. I'm just looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

  9. i think that jessie would look so good with black hair to change things up and also ive been looking fo a jessie and carissa doll could you help me find them thanks adrian

    1. That would be interesting, but I don't think Jessie's going to go for it. :)

      Jessie's from the- 'Harley Davidson Barbie and Ken Gift Set'
      Carissa's the- 'Barbie Basics Doll Model No. 04 — Collection 002.5'

      Try eBay

  10. Your dolls have THE best wardrobe!


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