Well, hello there.

Oliver- "Thought I scared you away there, Doctor."
Carissa- "Of course not.  I'm sorry I didn't return your call sooner.  Busy me."
Oliver- "Please say it's only work and not another guy that's been keeping you busy." *lol*
Carissa- "No, mostly work and I helped my cousin and her husband move."
Oliver- "Would you ever consider moving to Connecticut?"
Carissa- "Umm..."
Oliver- "You know what, don't answer that.  I have another question for you."
Carissa- "What's that?"
Oliver- "When can I see you again?  I promise to take it easy on the questions."
Carissa- *smile* "Well, since you've promised...

Carissa- "When's the next time you'll be in New York?"
Oliver- "3 days."

Carissa- "Great, we can get together then."
Oliver- "Swell."
Oliver has to get back to work, so they say goodbye.


  1. Oliver is really cute but he weirds me out.

  2. Carissa is very pretty love her top too.

  3. Oliver ain't messin' around, LOL. He probably has a tux somewhere in the back of his closet just waiting on a (wedding) date. I think he's a good on paper guy and they clearly have career in common but...I dunno.

  4. Maybe I've always been Team Jessie from day one and it's coloring my vision, but something is off with Oliver. Maybe he is lonely, maybe he just doesn't like to waste time, but he is moving way too fast. It's like he want to put her in this neat little box that fits his schedule and his way of life. That's a little serial killer-ish if you ask me.

  5. Hello from Spain: I like top Carissa is wearing. She has to be independent of men. Nice pictures. Keep in touch

  6. He seems like a nice guy. I wonder were things will go. I can't wait to find out

  7. Just found your blog. Your doll has my name Carissa. Tooo funny

  8. Please, just please ♥ From the first day I ship Carissa & Jessie ♥♥♥ Please, stay them together ♥ Please ♥ It's my #1 Wish ♥ ^_____^


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