Alex arrives home late in the evening (from her 1st modeling job with Diamond Modeling Agency) and is super surprised when she walks inside.
Ethan has hired a few painters to paint her place.
Ethan- "So, what do you think?"
Alex- "Pretty jazzy, I love it!"
Alex- "How did you know I changed my mind to black?"
Ethan- "Halle."

Alex- "Ah ha, I guess that's how you got in here too."

Ethan- "It wasn't easy, I had to beg a little.  She really did not want to give up those keys or let me inside."

Alex laughs- "I'm glad she came around."
Ethan smiles- "Me too."

Ethan- "You know, that got me to thinking, maybe  I could get my own set of keys?"
Alex- "Hmm..."

Alex- "Okay, I'll give you a set."

Ethan- "Wow, that was easy."

Alex- "What can I say, I like you."
Ethan smiles.

Alex hugs him- "Thank you.  This is awesome."


  1. Wow! That looks great!

    Alex, needs to slow down. She is handing over keys to a guy that she just "like". Not good Alex! Lol!

  2. Hello from Spain: Alex wears very trendy shorts. I like the house in black color. Great job. Keep in touch

  3. I'm really hoping that alex adds a little color to the house! I bet a black and white theme would go nicely with her new color. Alex needs this in her life right now and needs to settle down like her sister did. Love it! :)

    1. Thanks William. :) She's with you on the black and white theme and she's thinking about adding some red in there somewhere too.

  4. The black background will make any color come to life. Nice job Ethan. ;-)


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