Closing Time

Tiffany and Amber have just finished facing the shop.  They have to wait for Halle, who's in the office counting out the registers, so they can all walk out together.
Amber whispers- "What do you think about Halle?"
Tiffany- "I like her.  Why?"

Halle emerges from the office- "Okay ladies, all done.  Let's get out of here."
Amber whispers- "Never mind."
They all walk out, Halle locks up and they say goodnight.
30 Minutes Later

Halle- "Babe, I'm home."
Dean- "In here."

Dean- "Right on time."
Halle- "Gosh, that smells delicious."

Dean grins- "Thanks babe.  Slide me a plate, I'll serve you up."
She slides both plates over.
They sit and enjoy their dinner.  Afterwards, have a shower and then to sleep.


  1. Humm I wonder what Amber is up to. I hope she won't do anything to hurt Halle ;-(. We will just have to find out won't we?

    1. Hey there. :) There's no telling what her aim is, but we'll know soon enough.

  2. Oh,'s best to keep your opinion about your boss to yourself, lol. I don't know what she thinks she can do, Halle is literally head-cheese in can't get any hire up an Halle. So, if she doesn't care for her it maybe time to bust out the classifieds. ;-). Love your picture quality! Tiffany is already a beautiful doll but she's extra gorgeous in your photos. Love, love, LOVE Halle and Dean's front door, wow. When did you do that? Looking forward to more episodes and decor. ;-)

    1. Thanks Tracy! I made them a few months ago, around the time I posted the 2nd house update. I really love how they turned out too. Although, I thought they looked like elevator doors at first. Lol And I have no words for Miss Amber. The classifieds make a whole lot of sense, but she's apparently working a different angle.

  3. Love everything about your story lines great details

  4. I love your stories sooooooooo much :)
    I hope to have a marriage one day like Halle and Dean's! <3

  5. Didn't like what Amber said ! Anyways ! Dean is very sweet !

    1. Thanks! Yeah, what she said, really wasn't cool.

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