Dean & Halle's Phone Call Continues

Halle- "I didn't want to wake you."
Dean- "I wish you would was the drive?"
Halle- "I'll probably have to leave an extra 20 minutes earlier."
Dean- "How do you feel?"
Halle- "Like taking a nap at my desk."
Dean- "Babe, I really wish you would have taken today off."

Halle- "I know, but I was already off for 2 days."
Dean- "No harm done in taking a 3rd for some proper rest."
Halle- "Hmm, so that's what you'll be doing today?"
Dean- "Yep and I'm soooo well rested."
Halle- "Rub it in."
Dean- "How about I take you to lunch?"

Halle- "Can't."
Dean- "Ouch."
Halle- "It's just that Ethan called and-"

Dean- "Ethan?"
Halle- "Yeah, he called me on my way to work this morning.  He-"
Dean- "What about?"

Halle- "Sweetie, I'm trying to tell you."
Dean- "Yeah, I just didn't know you 2 were phone buddies."
Halle- "Can I finish please?"

Dean- "I'm all ears."
Halle- "He wants to surprise Alex tonight by having her place painted.  He asked if I
could let him in and I said yes.  The plan was to do it during my lunch."

Halle- "But, it doesn't look like I'll be able to get out of here long enough to make it there and back on time.  I would have him pick up the keys, but Alex would have my head.  Although, I know she'll love the surprise."

(Over Intercom) Tiffany- "Halle to register 1 for an exchange please."

Halle- "Babe, they're calling for me.  I have to go."
Dean- "Do you think she'll mind me letting him inside?"
Halle- "No."
Dean- "I'll come get the keys then."

Halle- "Dean, you don't have to do that."
Dean- "I want to, I'm getting in the car now."
Halle- "Okay, well, see you soon."


  1. Dean has one bad suv....Love it! Hopefully Halle does not burn herself out. Looking fwd to seeing more of their home.

    1. Thanks AG! I'm really looking forward to showing more. Halle and Dean will be shopping and decorating soon. :)

  2. Can't wait to see Alex's place newly painted. Wow, Dean's SUV is fly!

  3. I have to agree with the others on the suv, looks awesome! I hope that halle dont over due it because she seems to be running herself ragged!

    1. Thanks William! Dean's in love with it and hopefully he can get Halle to take it easy and get rested up.

  4. Hello from Spain: I really like this car. I'm looking forward to seeing the house painted. Keep in touch

  5. I hate to be a parrot but that car is NICE!!!!!!

  6. I wasn't feeling too comfortable about Ethan being let into Alex's place. For the average person this would be a great surprise. You just never know. She may be having an afternoon fling. I hope it all goes as planned. Love the car. Did you have to cut the bottom out so he could fit?

    1. Yeah, you just never know with Miss Alex. Luckily, she went to her job (on time!) and everything worked out. And I haven't cut the bottom out yet. I'm still not sure if I will, since I'll probably have to figure out a way to drop the seat also.

  7. Dean is just a wonderful man. Halle luck to have him


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