Noontime at the Boutique

Kayla has been hired on as a part-time sales associate (her previous job
at the ice cream shop, retired their business).
Halle has been in the stockroom training her with price tagging items and they have
reached the end of her training.
Halle- "Do you have any questions?"
Kayla- "Nope, I got it!"

(Over the boutique Intercom) Tiffany- "Halle you have a call on line 1."
Halle leaves Kayla to finish tagging and heads to her office.

She walks in and Amber is at her desk.  She's supposed to be working the front end with Tiffany.
Halle- "What's going on?"

Amber- "I wanted to talk to you about the assistant position."

Halle- "Amber, we've talked about this a few times already and there's been no change.  It's not an open position."

Amber- "Um, well...that's how I started."

Halle- "I know, it was a mistake on my part."
(Over the boutique Intercom) Tiffany- "Spill cleanup in the front please."

Halle- "Can you take care of that."

Amber- *sighs* "Sure."
Halle- "Thank you."

Halle picks up line 1- "Hello, Halle speaking."

Dean- "I missed you this morning."
To Be Continued


  1. Hello from Spain: I like the blue wall paper. I love the striped dress that you may find wearing. Very cool. Did you sewed?. I like the porch where Dean is. Keep in touch

    1. Thanks Marta! And yep, I sewed the dress myself.

  2. This was really good. I hope Amber will get to be the assistant someday soon.

  3. It would be so awesome if Halle will have Dean's baby. I wonder if that'll ever happen. Humm???

  4. Oh heck no! Amber gives me the willies. Just hanging around the bosses desk like that? She's a little... off.

    1. Lol! Something's definitely wrong.

  5. Love Halle's dress and her office. If you do not mind me asking where did you find Amber's jumpsuit?

  6. I don't know about Amber. Just hanging out at the boss's desk strikes me as a bit audacious. Hopefully she doesn't push Halle too much.

    1. She's really begin to test her. Stay tuned. :)

  7. Ooops, just noticed I'm reading these posts in the wrong order. Amber needs to hear those famous words....You're fired! She really is a piece of work. Halle doesn't need the added stress. She has a lot on her plate. She's trying to get a promotion and hasn't even demonstrated that she can be a good employee. I wish one of my employees did deep sigh, when asked to do a task. He/she would be sighing right out the front door.

    1. Lol!! That's what Halle should've done. :D


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