Ding Dong

Halle presses the button again.
Ding Dong!
Alex half asleep- "Ugh, what is that?"
Ethan- "It sounds like somebody's at the door."

Alex- "What time is it?"
Ding Dong!

Alex huffs- "Coming!!"

Alex swings the doors open- "I should've known."

Halle- "I've been trying to call you, why aren't you picking up your phone?"

Alex- "I was asleep.  Everyone's not a morning person like you Halle."
Halle- "Anyways...

Halle- "I'm driving down to mom and dads.  Would you like to join me?"

Alex- "I'm really not in the mood for a two hour drive."
Halle- "You can sleep in the car."

Alex- "Plus, I have company.  Ethan and I made up."

Halle- "Cool, I like Ethan...well, if your mood changes, you should at least come down for dinner."

Alex- "I'll think about it."

Halle- "Okay, I'll call you later.  Please pick up your phone!"
Halle gets back on the road.  Alex re-enters her bedroom.
She flops down on the bed.
Ethan- "Who was that?"
Alex- "My sister."
Ethan- "Is everything okay?"

Alex- "Umm...how would you feel about dinner with my family tonight?"
Ethan- "I'm cool with it."

Alex- "I thought you might say that," as she picks up her phone.

She checks her messages.

She jumps up- "Oh crap!  I totally forgot I have a modeling job today!"
She hurries to get dressed and flies out the door.


  1. Hopefully Alex and Ethan will remain together for awhile! LOL I love alexs blanket wrapped dress. Really cute..

    1. Oh William, I hope so too. Lol We'll see.

  2. Alex and Ethan are a cute couple. I adore Halle's shoes, do you remember where they came from?

    1. Hey! I bought them a few years back from a shop on Ebay called- Archer's Place. Sorry, don't know what doll or fashion pack they came with.

  3. It's so good to see Alex at her own place. lol! Hope she makes her job interview.

    1. *Smh* Well, we know what happened with that.


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