Groovy Morning

Halle sings, as she does her hair and grooves to the melody.
♪ own me, you own, you rattle my bones, you turn me over and over till I can't control myself ♪

Dean- "You look beautiful."

Halle- "Thanks sweetie."
Dean- "You're leaving now?"

Halle- "Yep, any special requests?"

Dean smirks- "Hmm..."

Halle laughs- "For dinner."

Dean- "Nope."

Halle- "Okay, well, I'm off.  My mom's gonna be waiting.  And I don't want to get there too late, since we'd like to get in some shopping too."
She kisses him then grabs her bag.

Halle- "I'll see you tonight."

Dean grabs her hand- "Halle."

Halle- "Yeah?"
Dean- "So, you're okay with the possibility of Olivia at Pinnacle?"

Halle- "Absolutely.  I don't think it'll be a problem to our friendship."

Dean- "We're meeting with her today."
Halle- "Yeah, I remember."
Halle- "And I'm sure she's gonna ace it."
Dean- "I think so too, but we'll have to see what the big guy has to say."
Dean- "Nice moves by the way."
Halle sways her hips from side to side- "You make my heart beat faster uh uh uh!"
Dean pulls her into his arms- "Now you're really gonna be late," as he leans in and kisses her.  She falls deeper into his arms and matches his intensity.
Once they tear themselves away from each other; Dean makes his way to Pinnacle Capital and Halle makes a detour to Alex's place.


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