Alex Arrives At Her Modeling Job

Alex's Agent- "Finally!  You're forty five minutes late."

Alex- "Sorry about that, but I'm here now."

Agent- "You may have already been replaced."
Alex- "Oh perfect."

Agent- "Alex, I've told you before, time is money.  I've been here doing my best to salvage this."

Alex- "Good, I need this job."

Agent- "Oh hello again Mariah, Alex has arrived and ready to get started."

Mariah- "There's no need.  We're going with someone else.  You two can exit the building."

Alex- "I can still do the job.  I'll cut my fee by ten percent."
Mariah- "No thank you."

Alex- "Fifteen?"
Mariah- "Please leave or I'll have to call security."

Agent- "We'll go.  Thank you for your time."
Mariah- "Good-bye," as she walks away.

Alex- "You barely opened your mouth."
Agent- "Alex, I'm sorry, but I'm done fighting for you.  And it's too bad, you started out so well."
Agent- "Now it's hard to get you to show up on time.  My reputation is on the line as well."
Alex- "Are you about to quit?"

Agent- "Yes, this has been three times too many.  Good luck to you Alex."

Alex- "Crap."

Mariah- "You're still here?"
Alex- "Twenty percent?"
Mariah- "I will call security."
Alex- "Don't bother, I'm leaving."
She makes her way home, while contemplating her next move.


  1. Oh Alex when are you ever gonna learn?
    I currently have a so called friend like this where she thinks the world evolves arounds her. Good read while I have downtime from my studies!

  2. LOL poor Alex. I have faith that she'll get it together. Great story!

  3. Hello from Spain: Poor Alex. She has to grow up and be more responsible. Keep in touch

    1. Hi Marta. I think she's on her way...hopefully.

  4. I was waiting for Alex to shout 30% on her way out the door, LOL. Oh Alex, she'd better be careful not to get on her dad's bad side. He dropped a good chunk of money on her condo. Yike!

    1. LOL! Yeah, she'll find her things on the curb if she's not careful. :)

  5. Hola, espero que madure, de lo contrario perdera muchos contratos mas.
    Bonitas fotos.

    1. Gracias. Ella va a tener que crecer un día ... Me pregunto lo que va a tomar.

  6. Alex needs to be more responsible. Mariah is about business and seem to have zero tolerance for tardiness. I feel a little sorry for Alex, but I agree with Mariah's decision.

    1. Mariah was definitely not having it. Hopefully Alex will learn from this...we'll see.

  7. Well I guess she didn't make it. At least she felt a little remorse. That's new for her.


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