Valentine's Day

Kelly gets to work bright and early to prepare for a long welcomed list of special orders, as well as extra sweets for the café.
Meanwhile in Miami, Florida

Dean gathers his things and prepares to fly back to New York (he's been out of town for four days).  There's a knock at the door.
"Come in."
Miles- "We have to stay, there's a last minute meeting."
Dean- "What?"

Miles- "They want to go over the percentages again."

Dean- "Again?  It's Clark, isn't it?"
Miles- "Seems to be, but we've been working on this deal for months and have to see it through."

Miles- "So, they want us back in the meeting room in thirty minutes."
Dean- "Got it."
Miles leaves the room and Dean calls Halle.

Halle- *smile* "Happy Valentine's Day and thanks for the flowers."

Dean- "My pleasure," then he pauses.
Halle- "What is it?"
Dean- "I'm gonna have to take a later flight."
Halle- "Why?"
Dean- "Pop up meeting."
Halle- "Oh."
Dean- "I'm sorry babe."
Halle- "What time do you think you'll get in."
Dean- "Can't say, but I'll try to make it as quick as I can."
Halle- "Please do, I really want to touch you."
Dean- "In that case, I'm gonna ditch this meeting and fly back now."
Halle- *chuckles*
Dean- "I love you."
Halle- "I love you and kick butt in your meeting."
Dean- "Will do."
Later in the Evening

Olivia has cooked up a delicious V-Day dinner for herself and boyfriend, Landon.
On the other side of Town
Melissa meets up with Mason.
Melissa- "I don't have long."

Mason- "I need to talk to you."

Melissa- *kissing him* "Now?"

Mason- "This isn't working for me anymore."

Melissa- "Say what?"

Mason- "I like you...a lot.  And I would like a public and official relationship."
Melissa is silent for a moment.

Melissa- *smile* "Let's do it."
Meanwhile, Carissa has dinner with Gavin.
Carissa met Gavin in the hospital cafeteria when he was there visiting a friend.  They've been somewhat dating a little before the New Year.  He attended Halle and Dean's new year's party with Carissa, which he kind of invited himself after she mentioned it to him.
Gavin- "Do you not like me or something?"

Carissa- "Yes, but we're still getting to know each other."

Gavin- "It's just hard to get time with you, you know?"

Carissa- "I'm sorry, my job is demanding.  I try-

Gavin- "You can still make time for someone you like, Dr. Collins."
Carissa- "Umm, I'm here having dinner with you now, aren't I?"

Gavin-"I don't like to wait around."
Carissa- "Well, it's not intentional and I've never forced you to wait.  You do as you please."

Gavin- "I'm going.  Don't string guys along.  It's rude."

Carissa- "Gavin, don't go like this.  You haven't even eaten your dinner."
Gavin- "This is the money for dinner.  Enjoy it and enjoy growing old alone," then he walks off.

Carissa- *Oh goodness, what on earth just happened?!*
Checking in on Olivia and Landon

Looks like they're still enjoying themselves.♥
Even Later in the Evening
Halle gets home from work and snuggles up with Alex.  They are filling up on pizza and chic flicks.
At the Café
Kelly is still hard at work when Francesca enters.

Francesca- "Someone has an admirer... or boyfriend?!"

Kelly- "For me?"

Francesca- "Yep!  Who are they from?!"

Kelly- "Umm, Shane."

Francesca- "Wow, the boss with the boss!  Way to go boss lady!"
Kelly- "It's not like that."
Francesca- *grin* "None of my business," then she heads back out.
The Waverly men catch a 10:45pm flight back to New York

Miles- "Is there a problem with you and Clark?"
Dean- "Not that I'm aware of."
Miles- "How's married life treating you?"
Dean- "Good.  I miss my wife.  Badly."
Miles- *smile* "Well, you'll be home soon."
Dean's Home
Halle and Alex have fallen asleep.
Dean- *softly* "Halle."

Halle- *sleepy smile* "Hey babe."

Dean- "Halle, I'm sorry.  I'll make it up to you."

Halle- "Don't worry."

He leans in to kiss her.
Happy belated Valentine's Day


  1. Awe... So sweet! Except poor Carissa... What the heck?!

    1. I know, she just can't seem to catch a break. But it's his loss! What a prick.

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  3. Your stories are fun! I appreciate the work you put into the pics:@)

  4. Hello from Spain: I love this post so romantic. Happy Valentine's Day. I am sorry about Carissa. Poor! Keep in touch

    1. Thanks Marta. Same to you. And I think Carissa needs a vacation. :)

  5. Dean and Halle are perfect! Clark holding a grudge against Dean because Brandy has a crush on him or is he bitter about Alex? Can't wait to find out. Mason almost had me jump through my computer when he said this wasn't working for him but I totally understand where he was coming from. I love seeing Kelly, she's my favorite. :-)

    Happy belated V Day?

    1. Hey Tracy! With Clark, it's a little bit of both. Yep, he's crazy for Alex (and she does NOT want him), but he's stuck in this bitter marriage with a woman that's lusting for his friend, which has caused this animosity towards Dean. We'll see how it goes. And Mason is such a sweet guy, he wants to show the world that he cares for Melissa. Miss you. :)

  6. Whew, I was feeling sorry for Melissa for a moment. I'm glad it worked out for her. Gavin seems to be awfully full of himself. Couldn't he have had that hissy fit on a day other than Valentine's day? Men!

    1. LOL Right on! But, his lost. He did Carissa a huge favor.

  7. aww I was kinda hoping Jesse would show up and join Carissa :P
    I really love the bakery! of course Halle and Dean are awesome. I hope Alex can be responsible when she moves into her new place.
    I'm so happy for Melissa! and Kelly + Shane are cute together, I wonder what will happen next :P

    1. I think that Alex will try to be on her best behavior and she has been so far...well, sort of. And things will start to look up for Carissa and her love life. Jessie just might be in it. We'll see. :D


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