Call It A Day

Carissa gets home a little after mid-night and gives Halle a call.  They've been on the phone for awhile talking about their day.
Carissa- "Yeah, that's pretty much my day.  Not very glamorous."
Halle- "You must be exhausted."

"Too exhausted, I might sleep for two days straight."
They both laugh.

"And thanks again for picking up my things for me."

"No problem."

"Can you thank Alex too?"

"Sure.  And please tell me you're not working all day on your birthday?"

"Wow, that's at the end of the month, isn't it?"
"We should go out and have some fun.  Seems like you can use a night out."
"I suppose.  I'll check my schedule."
"Oh gosh, you're worse than I am."
They both laugh, talk a while longer, then say goodnight.  Halle goes to sit her phone on the charger and prepare for bed, but then it rings.

She glances at the screen and grins.

"I thought you were going to bed mister."

Dean- *smile* "What are you wearing?"

*giggles* "Your favorite."

"Oh how I miss you."


  1. Hello from Spain: beautiful pictures. I really like the lounge of Carisaa. Keep in touch

    1. Thanks Marta. She couldn't wait to kick her feet up.

  2. I love Halle and Dean! Their chemistry is so romantic. ; ). Very nice scenes and pictures.


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