Checking out the Townhouse

Keisha is waiting outside when Halle and Alex arrive.
Halle- "Hi Keisha, this is my sister Alex."
Keisha- "Hello Alex, nice to meet you."
Alex- "You too."
Halle- "Thanks for meeting with us on such short notice."
Keisha- "Anytime."

Keisha continues- "Like I said on the phone, the sellers are very eager, so if you're happy with the house and would like to make an offer, they're more than willing to negotiate."

"So, you guys go on in and have a good look around and I'll see you in a bit."
Halle and Alex- "Thank you."

Alex- "Not bad."

Halle- "A washer and dryer.  Always a major plus."

Alex- "Thank goodness."

Halle- "Wow, this is a really nice space.  Cute and cozy."

Halle continues- "I like it already.  It suits you."
Alex- "Me too, although the kitchen is kinda small."

Halle- *smile* "Umm, who are you kidding?  You're not much of a cook anyways."

Alex- *smile* "Well, I can't argue with that."

"Alrighty!  Now here is the real plus."

Halle- "Very nice."

Alex- "Come, let's see what's upstairs."

Halle- "What do you think?"
Alex- "Decent size.  It works."

Alex- "Hmmm, this will be the first thing to go, though."

Alex- "This is a little small, but then again, I don't need more than a bed up here."

Halle- "So, how do you feel about this place?"
Alex- "I like it a lot.  And the local is a plus too."
Halle- "Well, let's call dad."
Alex- "Oh boy."

Alex pulls out her phone and their father, Michael, picks up on the second ring- "Hey honey."
Alex- "Hey dad.  Umm, I found a place."
Michael- "Where is it and how much?"
Alex- "Upper East Side and 479.5."
Michael's silent on the other end.
Alex- "Dad?"
Michael- "I'm here honey.  It's negotiable, I'm sure?"
Alex- "Of course."

Halle- "Hi daddy, the sellers are very eager, so we might be able to cut it down a great deal."
Michael- "Hi honey, well go in at 439 and Alex don't forget our deal."
Alex- "I haven't and will do."
Michael- "Okay, let me know how it goes.  Love you girls."
Halle and Alex- "Love you too."
Alex- "Well, let's go find Keisha."
They meet up with Keisha in the kitchen and give her the offer.

Keisha- "Okay, let me give them a call and see what they have to say.  Do you have time to wait?  It shouldn't be too long."

Alex- "Sure."
35 minutes later

Alex- "What's taking so long?  I think dad went in too low."
Halle- "I don't think so and stop worrying."
Alex- "What can I say, I fell in love with this place."

Keisha walks back in- "They have accepted your offer!"
Alex- "Say what?!"
Halle- "That's great!"
Halle- "Thanks Keisha."
Alex- "Yeah thanks a lot."

Keisha- "My pleasure."
They talk for a few more minutes and setup a place and time to get the paperwork signed.


  1. Hola, que bonita casa. Seguro disfrutara vivir ahi.

    1. Oye, Alex es super feliz de finalmente tener su propio lugar. Gracias.

  2. Woohoo! Alex finally got herself her own place. I bet with her sisters help she will have the place up and running in no time.

    1. I was hoping so, but things are moving at a snails pace right now. But, believe me, she's sure working on it. :)

  3. Can't wait to see what you do with the place. I have this house too and am planning to add a little to it.

    1. Hey Phyllis! Looking forward to seeing yours too.

  4. How exciting!!!!! Can't wait to see what she does with the place!

    1. Thanks Heather!!! We're so behind. :(

  5. It looks like a "Brothers&Sisters" episode! Cool!

    Oh, hi, nice to meet you and your blog :-)

  6. Hello from Spain: great house. I really like this house. These two sisters are very stylish. Nice pictures .. Keep in touch


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