On the Move & Townhouse Blues

January has flown by!!  Halle goes for a late morning run and recollects what last month was like after the New Year's party...
She's been working a lot and Alicia's really been doing an excellent job of helping her promote the shop.  Halle has also been spending her time curled up next to her hubby, who is now out of town for business, along with his father, Miles and cousin, Shane.
~ Jessie has been holding things down at the bar and casually dating.
~ Kelly's working non-stop, since the opening of her café, Mocha Velvet.
~ Olivia's in the midst of contemplating her next career move.
~ Melissa's really happy and content with where things are right now in her life.
~ The Hunt (Nicole/Tony) and Lewis (Sarisha/Imari) families have been maintaining and enjoying their marriages.
~ Alex was able to get two modeling jobs through her agent with more in the works.  She still hasn't spoken to Clark or Ethan and has pretty much put guys on the back burner, while focusing on herself.
~ Carissa has been working like crazy, so not much time for hanging out and that includes the new guy in her life...somewhat, Gavin.  Although, she and he aren't serious at all, he's kinda been sticking around waiting for some time.  Lately, the only thing Carissa's been doing with her free time is sleep and squeezing in some shopping for her home.
Halle finishes her run and returns home.
Alex- "Huh?  To pick up Carissa's things?"
Halle- "Yeah, she ordered some stuff awhile ago, but she's stuck at work, so she asked me if I can pick them up for her."
Alex- "Please, she hasn't even invited me over yet and I'm suppose to help move her things?"
Halle- "Okay, while you decide if you want to go or not, I'll be in the shower."
Halle cleans herself up and returns to the living area.

Halle- "Coming?"
Alex- *huff* "Sure, why not."
They make their way to the shop, sign all necessary paperwork, pile Carissa's pieces into the car and not too long after, they pull up at her place.

Halle- "We're here."
Alex- *eye roll* "Great", while texting away on her phone.
Halle climbs out and begins to unload the car.
Halle- "Umm, hello, a hand would be nice."

Alex- "Fine", putting down her phone.

Alex takes a quick look around- "Well, I'll give it to her, this is nice."
Halle- "Wait till you see inside."

Alex walks around and grabs something, while Halle takes the stool.
Alex- "I should make her pay me for this", as she walks inside.

"Where does she want this?"

Halle- "Not sure, but I'll sit it over here."

Alex- "Nice.  Cute picture."

Halle- "Come, I don't think Carissa would mind me giving you a quick tour."

Alex- "Her head would probably explode."
Halle gives Alex a super quick tour, then they make their way back outside for the chair.

Halle- "I'll take the back end."

Alex- "I think I want to check out that place today."
Halle- "The townhouse?"

Alex- "Yeah, don't you think it's about time I moved out?"
Halle- "Alex, you can stay as long as you need to", while they carry the chair inside.

Halle- "How cute!"  Then shifting her focus to Alex, "Why the sudden change?  You weren't interested two weeks ago.  Is it because of this?"
Alex- "Well, let's just say, I feel inspired."

Halle- "Let's say that, but are you ready for that financially?"
Alex- "I have some savings, plus dad offered to buy me a place, just as long as I work and maintain my bills."

Halle- "Will you?"
Alex- "Of course."

Halle- "Well, let's go check out your potentially new home."
Alex- *smile* "Ugh!  Responsibilities.  But, I can do it."
Halle- "You sure can", as they walk out.
Halle locks up and they're back in the car.

Halle gives Keisha (real estate agent) a call, they speak for a moment and after she hangs up, she types the address to the townhouse into her GPS.

Halle starts the car and pulls off- "Are you excited?"
Alex- "Not really, but kinda."
To be continued
Hey guys!  I know it's been a while.  Just want to say thanks to all of you who enjoy and continue to read my stories.  And a 'Welcome' to my new subscribers.  Sorry, I haven't been great at responding to comments, but I'll try to do better this year.♥ Be back soon. :)


  1. Carissa's place is NICE love that furniture!

    1. Thank you! She's so eager to get home and start arranging things. And possibly squeezing in some more shopping.

  2. YAY!!!! you're back! My Saturday night has been made :-)

  3. Hello from Spain: I like the front of the house. Great furniture. These sisters are very fashion. I like to see Halle running. Nice pictures .. Keep in touch

    1. Thanks Marta. :) Halle's gonna get out there and run more often.

  4. So happy to see you posting again, love your stories! As usual, your photo, styling and dios look amazing! Carissa's house is really charming and cozy. I'm super excited to see Alex get out and on her own but I sure hope she appreciates having parents that are still willing to buy her a place.

    Looking forward to next episode. :-)

    1. Hey Tracy! :) I'm with you on Alex, hopefully she won't take this for granted. It can seriously go either way with her. And as for Carissa's place, she's been having a ball decorating. Next on her checklist, curtains.

  5. As you can see, I'm playing catch up. Love Carissa's place, and I'm excited to see her get new furniture. It means we may get to see her house more often.

    1. Thanks for continuing to keep up with my stories. I'm excited to have Carissa's place in more of them and so is she. Lol


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