The Day After Valentine's Day

Halle- "How did things go?"

Dean- "Good.  Everything should be ready in a few months."

Halle- "I'm proud of you."
Dean- "Thanks babe."

Dean- "Do you have to work today?"

Halle- "Yep.  And it's actually time for me to get ready."
Dean- "How's work treating you?"

Halle- "Pretty good.  I'm meeting with Alicia today for some promo stuff."
Dean- "Let me know if there's anything I can do."

Halle- "You can join me in the shower."

Dean- "I can do that," then he scoops her up.

Halle- *giggles*
Around 1:30pm, Halle drives to the hospital to have lunch with Carissa.

Carissa- "He's right!  I'm going to be alone forever."

Halle- "First of all, Gavin is a jerk.  And second, you will not."

Carissa- "I'm the worst dater on the planet."

Halle- "Carissa, it's their loss and you have got to stop saying that about yourself."

Carissa- "Why, it's completely true."

Halle- "You're fine.  You just haven't met your guy yet."

Carissa- "At this rate, I won't."

Halle- "You will.  Carissa, you are a total catch."

Halle- "Intelligent, hardworking, gorgeous, caring, a romantic, the list goes on."

Carissa- *smile* "Oh Halle."

Halle- "As the saying goes; you'll find your one when you're not looking...or something to that effect."

Carissa- "Um, that has not worked for me."
 Halle- *smile* "Maybe it's because you never really stopped?"
Carissa- *laughs* "For about a week."

Halle- "Wow, one whole week."
They both laugh.

Halle- "Um...okay, how about some extracurricular activities to get into?"

Carissa- "Hmmm...maybe."

Halle- "He's gonna practically fall into your lap when you're not so occupied with finding him."

Carissa- "Right into my lap, huh?"

Halle- "Yep."

Carissa- "You're lucky you have Dean.  Dating, being single is not fun.  Ugh, I sound so desperate."

Halle- "You aren't.  You want love and there isn't anything wrong with that.  When it's time, it'll happen.  I promise."
After their lunch, Carissa makes her rounds and Halle heads back to work.


  1. Hello from Spain: I like Halle is wearing boots. Romantic images.! Keep in touch

    1. Thanks Marta. I love those boots! From the new accessory packs.

  2. Hi! I freak your scenarios. You do a wonderful job! I liked a lot the idea of ​​using the toilet barbie as a table. It was great! very romantic photos. A kiss!

  3. Hola, es una historia que me gusta mucho, me encantan tus accesorios y tus fotos, me cae muy bien Halle, es una suerte tenerla como amiga, siempre hay alguien así de tierno cerca de nosotros, hasta pronto.

    1. Gracias. Estoy de acuerdo, siempre es bueno tener a alguien con quien hablar y hacerle saber que todo va a estar bien. Carissa siente mucho mejor al ver que ella tiene que.

  4. Halle and Dean are perfect together!

  5. Poor Carissa. My money is still on Jessie. He's a business owner who will have his own busy schedule and doesn't seem needy like Gavin. Keeping my fingers crossed for her.

    1. Oh she could definitely be with someone like Jessie, although I think she may have removed him from the brain. Luckily, it doesn't take much to bring it back. Hmm...

  6. Maybe Carissa will meet a handsome doctor at the place where she works.

    1. Well, she does have a medical event coming up. We're gonna have to scan the room. Fingers crossed.


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