Halle meets with Alicia + Phone Chat

Alicia- "I was able to solidify these.  They'll be happening over the next couple of months.  The dates are listed on the right."

Alicia- "The magazine will come take pictures of the boutique, along with your top selling items."

Alicia- "And Candy Crew, which is a local TV show, wants you to bring in four to five in season pieces."

Alicia- "Then as you can see, there's a fashion show.  You'll need five outfits to come down the runway."

Alicia- "It's collective; other shops will also be featured.  It'll be fun and a good way to promote."

Halle- "This is great stuff.  Thank you."

Alicia- "No problem.  I'm still working on other things."

Alicia- "So, if they come to pass, you'll be the first to know."
Halle- "What ever happened to Cindy the fashion blogger?"
Alicia- "Oh, she's ready, but she wants to make it a more personal experience.  Like, come in, try on clothes and take pictures and such."
Halle- "Okay, that'll work.  Can you set it up?"
Alicia- "Of course and before I go, how would you feel about me approaching Mrs. Silverstein again?  That's a great magazine to get into."
Halle- "No thank you, I'll pass."
Alicia- "Oh Mrs. Halle Waverly!"
Alicia- "Are you holding a grudge?  It's not good for business my dear."
Halle- "I'm not holding a grudge.  Her review of the boutique wasn't nice, so she's likely to say no."
Alicia- "So.  It doesn't hurt to try."
Halle- "Fine.  Try."
Alicia- "Great!  I'll be in touch."
Shane is at home about to bite into his sandwich when his phone rings.
Shane-  *grin* "Hey."

Kelly- "Hey, um, thanks for the flowers.  They're really beautiful."

Shane- "I'm glad you like them."
Kelly- "So, how was your Valentine's day?"
Shane- "Nothing special, I was in Florida working.  How about yours?  Please tell me you didn't work the whole day?"

Kelly- "Yep, I did."
Shane- "Well, it looks like we both could use some time outside of work."
Kelly- "Yeah, I guess we could."
Shane- "Like, you and I in the same place...together...at the same time..."
Kelly- *giggles*  "I get it, a date."
Shane- "Yeah, how do you feel about that?"
Kelly- "Um, like I want to be in the same place, together, at the same time too."
Shane- *laughs*
Kelly- "Well, I'm free next week."
Shane- "It's a date."

Kelly blushes as she hangs up the phone.



  1. Hello from Spain: I wish Kelly and Shane have a new appointment. I like the future work of Halle. Her creations on television. Great. Keep in touch

    1. Thanks Marta :) Kelly and Shane are really looking forward to their first date. And Halle's super excited and thankful to have Alicia on her team.

  2. Yay! Kelly and Shane are going on a date. I like them as a couple. : )

    Your set is lovely as always.

    1. Thanks Vickey. :) Now it's on to the 3rd date! I'm very late, sorry. Anyways, Shane's thinking about taking her on a long romantic drive to somewhere laid back and countrylike.

  3. when will halle have a baby with dean already :)

  4. How exciting for Halle! Alicia is a great assistant and really on the ball. Shane and Kelly are so cute! Can't wait to see/read what happens on their first date. :-)

  5. Hola, has creado una fotonovela hermosa!!! Halle es muy bella.

  6. Looking forward to seeing Halle work the run way! Also, I like the idea of Shane and Kelly, hope things work out, they'd make a beautiful couple.

    1. Thanks AG! I'm a little behind. And I'm really rooting for those two.


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