Waitressing at Dee and Jay's

Jessie and Sarisha took care of the morning/afternoon shift and have gone home for the day.  With Amber's resignation and the guys not being able to find a new waitress so quickly, Halle helps Dean out by waitressing the late shift.
Halle- "Here you are", while placing the plate on the table.
Female Patron- "Wow, looks delicious.  Thank you."
Halle- "You're welcome.  Enjoy."

Halle- "Are you ready to order?"
Female Patron- "Uh huh,  I'll take the turkey burger with fries and please hold the tomatoes."

Halle- "Sure, anything from the bar?"
Female Patron- "A martini."

Halle- "And what can I get for you?"

Male Patron- "I'll have a glass of red wine, a slice of your cheese pizza with a side of fries."

Halle- "Great!  I'll be right back with your drinks."

Halle heads back to put in the orders.

Halle- "Babe, a martini and a glass of red wine please."

Dean- "Gotcha."
She then makes her way to the kitchen, while Dean gets the drinks ready.

Olivia- "I was thinking about a cruise."
Landon- "That could be cool."
Halle- "Thank you sir."

Halle- "Here are your drinks and your food will be ready soon."
Both Patrons- "Thank you."
Halle- "You're welcome."

Dean- "You should try the Cunard."

Olivia- "Yeah, I heard a lot of good things about that line."
Landon- "Aren't they a lil pricey?"

Halle- "Are you guys going on a cruise?!"

Olivia- "Maybe.  It does sound nice, huh?"
Halle- "Yes!"

Landon- "Or maybe we can try something on land, maybe outdoors somewhere."
Olivia- "Like what?"
Landon- "I don't know...camping?  Hiking?"
Olivia- "What?!  Are you serious?"
Landon- "Yeah, why not?"

Dean- "Doesn't sound so bad."
Halle- "Really?"

Dean- "Yeah, it'll be something fun for us to do one day."
Cook's voice from the kitchen- "Order up!"
Halle excuses herself.

Landon- "We should all do it."
Olivia- "Oh heck no!"
Dean- *laughs*
Female Patron- "Excuse me, can I get a margarita?"
Dean- "Sure."

Landon- "It'll be fun."
Olivia- "I'll think about it.  Are you ready to go?"
Landon- "Yeah, I do have to work tomorrow.  Let me hit the mens room first."
Olivia- "Alright."

Dean- "There you go."
Female Patron- "Thank you so much."
Dean- "Sure thing."

Halle- "Here you are and please let me know if there's anything else I can get for you."
Both Patrons- "Thank you."


  1. I'm Happy Landon and Olivia are back together, And Halle is so kind helping Dean and Jessie out

    1. I really like Olivia and Landon together. Hopefully, it'll work out.

  2. Yay for Olivia and Landon! I hope they stay together this time, it could be meant to be!
    Halle seems to be a good waitress, I hope she enjoys it.

    I sent you a message on YouTube a week or so ago, my user over there is PeacfulValleyDolls, and I'd really appreciate it if you could check it out, it's quite important to my upcoming story.

    1. Sorry, I haven't been checking my channel very frequently. I'll go check for your message and get back to you.

    2. Haha, it's totally fine! I replied back, my patience is terrible, I feel bad for bugging you :(

  3. Landon is a cutie pie. I can't see Olivia camping. Should be interesting.

    1. She's certainly not feeling the idea. Landon is trippin', if you let her tell it. :)

  4. Looks like Dean's business is doing well... And how sweet of Halle to help him..

    1. Yeah, things are pretty good for the bar right now. They shouldn't have too much trouble finding a new waitress.

  5. Hello from Spain: I like the business of Dean. I see it's fabulous. Halle is very pretty and nice person. Keep in touch

    1. Thanks Marta. Things are fabulous at Dee & Jay's and I'm sure Dean is thankful for Halle's help.

  6. If Landon convinces Olivia to go camping, he just may be the one, LOL.


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