Kelly. Still Getting Things Done

Steve- "Can you look over that and make sure everything was delivered, then sign at the bottom please?"
Kelly- "Of course."
Meanwhile, Dean gives Halle a call.

Dean- "Hey beautiful, whatcha up to?'
Halle- "Back at Carissa's place, then home."
Dean- "Don't forget about me."
Halle- "I won't.  I'm going home to change my top and grab some sneakers."
Dean- "Thanks for helping out babe."
Halle- "Sure, anything you need.  Plus, it should be fun."
Dean- "Or interesting."
Halle- "Ha ha very funny.  I'll make a fine waitress."
Kelly has reviewed the slip.

Kelly- "Here you go."
Steve- "Thank you and..."

Steve- "Here's your copy."
Kelly- "Thank you."
Steve- "You're welcome, have a great day."
Kelly- "You too."
Kelly- "Okay, now, what's next?"

Kelly- "I guess I should get these boxes to the kitchen."
Shane- "Cool, I'll help."

Kelly- "Thanks!  I'll take this one, it's pretty light."

Dean finishes his call with Halle- "So are we moving those to the kitchen?"
Shane- "Yeah, but I'll take care of it.  I know you have to get to the bar."
Dean- "I know what you're up to."

Shane- "Just here to help with some heavy lifting."
Dean- "Yeah yeah yeah.  I do have to go though.  I'll call you later."
Shane- "Alright."

Shane- "Looks like it's just me and you."

Shane- "Dean had to go to work."

Kelly- "Okay, well, I'm sure we can manage."


  1. I think someone has a little crush going on. Carissa's apartment is starting to shape up and i love seeing Halle's positiveness. Great job.

    1. Thanks William. Yeah, Shane isn't hiding it very well. Wonder if Kelly feels the same way.

  2. Hello from Spain: This apartment is getting very well. Great job. How interesting ... Shane and Kelly are alone ... keep in touch.

    1. Hmmm...what's going to happen. :) Thanks Marta.

  3. Everything seems to be coming along smoothly, definitely a little crush going on (;
    Carissa's house looks nice, I'm sure she appreciated Halle's help.
    I sent you a personal message on YouTube because I thought that was the only way to contact you for a question I had, and if you could check it out and respond, I'd really appreciate it (:

    1. Hi Violet :) Responded back to you on youtube and thanks for your comments!

  4. Ok the suspence is killing me, what kind of shop is kelly creating? lol I love the walls and this story is so adictive.

    1. Lol It's a bakery and coffee shop. :)

  5. It's all coming together! How exciting!!!!

    1. Almost there! I still need a counter, though.

  6. I hope Kelly get good response for her bakery. She is working very hard at it.

    1. I really hope so too. She's planning a grand opening and giving away some of her best cupcakes. That might do the trick. :)


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