Kelly. Getting Things In Place

Kelly- (leaving a voicemail for her sister) "Brie, where are you?!  You know I need your help today.  Call me!"
One of the delivery guys, Steve, enters the shop as she hangs up the phone.

Steve- "Where would you like these?"
Kelly- "Right there is okay."
He leaves the pieces there, walks back out and Kelly resumes unpacking.
Moments later, he re-enters with his partner, Benson.
Steve- "Where would you like this one?"
Kelly- "Umm, oh, that goes over on the back wall."

Kelly- "Looks great!"

Dean and Shane stop by.

Dean- "Very nice."

Kelly- "Oh!  Hey, what a surprise."

Dean- "Hope we're not intruding."

Kelly- "Of course not, you're always welcome."
Shane- "Well, that's good to know."
Kelly- *smile*

Steve- "So, where should we put this one?"
Kelly- "Kitchen.  This way."
Kelly excuses herself and shows the men to the kitchen.
Kelly- "Right against that wall."

Benson- "There you go."
Kelly- "Thanks."
She makes her way back to the front of the shop.
Dean- "Is there something we can do?"

Kelly- "Huh?!  Oh no."
Shane- "We have time."

Kelly- "Well, I can use help with the tables and chairs."

Dean- "Alright, we'll take care of it."
While they're moving things around, a woman enters.

Woman- "Hello!"

Kelly- "Hi!"

Kelly- "How can I help you?"

Woman- "I was strolling pass on my way to the book store.  Got to pick up The Rose Garden for my book club and saw this big delivery truck, looked over and saw this place!"

Woman- "Took a peek inside, then noticed a now hiring sign on the door.  I need a job!  This is like the perfect location, I'm only ten minutes from here and surely have the experience.  So, who do I talk to?"
Kelly- "Me."
Woman- "Oh, isn't that something!"

Benson- "Kitchen?"
Kelly- "Yes please."

Kelly- "Can you leave your name and number?"
Woman- "Oh, sorry about that!  I'm Francesca."
Kelly- "Nice to meet you, I'm Kelly."

Francesca- "Here you are."
Kelly- "Great, I'll give you a call."
Francesca- "Thank you!"
Kelly excuses herself and heads back to the kitchen.
Kelly- "Perfect!  Thanks guys."
 .. Continues Tomorrow ..
Thanks for the heads up on the clearance Disney dining sets Muff!  I went to Target the next day and was able to get three for Kelly's shop.


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  2. Awesome snag on the dining sets... they look fantastic!!!

  3. Hello from Spain: I like the dress that Kelly wears. Nice furniture. I saw Muff's furniture too. Your buy very cheap . Keep in touch

  4. Kellys shop looks like its taking shape nicely. Seeing those tables makes me want to go up to my local target and see what they have!

  5. Hi! I'd just like to say I've been admiring your stories and work for a while now here on your blog and on YouTube! Your dolls are just so pretty, your sets are extremely realistic. I'm planning on setting up a barbie blog here soon, I've recently decided to start a barbie story. Do you have any tips for beginner set maker (I have never made a set before) and barbie story writer/blogger? I've only blogged for the 18inch American Girl dolls before.

  6. Love the color you painted your Disney furnishings! They don't even look plastic-kie any more. I was able to get one more patio set but I missed out on the bathroom one. Oh, well, lol.

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  8. Hello from Spain.That nice chairs and tables that you've painted,a great assignment.I love your blog each day beams stories more beautiful.AND your dioramas are amazing.a

  9. Love all the activity going on. Francesca is an interesting character. Seems like there's a story there.


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