What's Cooking In The Kitchen?!

Olivia has gotten home from a business meeting (where she sold her Salon and Spa business) and is on the phone with her mother, Belinda.
Olivia- "Yeah, I did."
Belinda- "Congratulations!  How do you feel?"
Olivia- "Good.  No regrets."
Belinda- "Were they generous?"
Olivia- "Yeah, they met my asking price."
Belinda- "So, what now?"
Olivia- "Don't know, but I'm sure I'll find something else to jump into."
Belinda- "Make sure you take some time for yourself."
Olivia- "I will."
Olivia hears a noise in the kitchen.  She gets up and makes her way there.

Olivia- "Mom can I call you later?"
Belinda- "Okay, love you."
Olivia- "Love you too."
Olivia- "Hey, I didn't know you were still here."

Landon- "Yeah, is that okay?"
Olivia- "Mmm hmm."

Landon- "Are you sure, it doesn't seem like it?"

Olivia- "I'm sure."

Olivia- "I like you here."
Landon- "But just be gone in the morning?"

Olivia- *smile* "That's not it...well...it's not anything."
Landon- "I got it.  My bad."

Olivia- "Baby steps."
Landon- "If you say so."

Olivia- *smile* "I know we've skipped a few steps, but we should slow down."
Landon- "Cool."

Landon- "But before I head out, you have got to try my signature dish."

Olivia- "Bring it on."

Landon- "I present to you the Mr. Landon spicy sausage sandwich!"

Olivia- *smile* "Mr. Landon spicy sausage sandwich?  Oh goodness!"

*Both Laugh*
Olivia- "I hope you're not leaving just yet."
Landon- "I can stay."

Landon- "Don't worry, I won't overstay my welcome."
Olivia- "I'm going to the bar later, wanna come?"
Landon- "I'm there."


  1. It seems as if they a making some progress. ; )

    Does Olivia have another business venture in mind?

    1. Not just yet, but a vacay is calling her name. :)

  2. So glad Olivia is making some progress in love. Landon seems nice, and so cute, and can cook!

    1. Definite keeper! Hopefully they can continue to progress.

  3. Im very happy for Olivia. She needs to find real love like Halle did with Dean. Hmmm...spicy sausage does sound good right now!

    1. She really deserves a good man to love and this just might be the one.♥ We'll see. :)

  4. It will be interesting to see what Olivia decides to do next!

    1. I'm interested to know too! She hasn't said anything yet, other than wanting to take a vacation.:)

  5. good for Olivia, Im glad shes back with Landon, I really like him.

    1. He's a pretty cool guy, hopefully it's for the long haul.

  6. Go Landon! He's on the move, straight to Olivia's heart.

    1. He's working it out, isn't he?! I hope she let's him in. :)

  7. Hello from Spain: I love this kitchen. The fridge looks real. I see that you paint the furniture. It is very inspiring to me. This couple is so in love. Keep in touch

    1. Thanks Marta! I'm always painting something. :) I used 'metallic aluminum' for the fridge and 'gloss kona brown' for the furniture by Rust-Oleum Painters Touch. Great paint! And I'm really rooting for Olivia and Landon.

  8. Its good Olivia enjoying her sabbatical she worked to much, and hope she considers Landon he is trying very hard. :-)


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