This Camping Thing

Halle makes her rounds.
Halle- "How are you doing over here?"

Female Patron- "We're good.  Thanks!"
After making sure everyone is fine, she makes her way back to the bar.

Halle- "Looks like you and Landon are getting closer."
Olivia- "Not if he continues with this camping thing."
Halle- *laughs*

Olivia- "I don't mind getting out there, I just didn't plan on spending my vacation in the wilderness dodging bears with bugs in my hair."

Halle- "Oh Olivia, you paint a beautiful picture."

Olivia- "You should know that Landon has invited you two to join us."

Halle- "Oh, no thank you."
Dean- "Here's your pizza."
Female Patron- "Thank you."
Olivia- "Halle, if I decide to do this, pleeeease do it with me."
Halle- "But I don't want to get bugs in my hair either."
Olivia- "Halle!"

Halle- "Kidding!  I went a few times as a kid and it wasn't horrible."
Olivia- "Soooo?"
Halle- "Yes, we'll join you."

Landon- "Ready?"

Olivia- "Yep."

Olivia and Landon say good-night.


  1. I really like your photos and making off

  2. I'm with Olivia with the bugs and bears thing, LOL. I think it's going to be a fun trip! I love the bar, it really turned out nice.

  3. Hello from Spain: as always your lines are very real. I love Halle and her hairstyle. Your furniture is perfect. Keep in touch

  4. I love them all. Things are looking good


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