Winding Down

Halle and Dean get home from the bar.
Halle- "My feet are killing me", while pulling off her shoe.

Dean- "Up here", patting his thigh.

Halle- "Why thank you sir."
Dean- "It's the least I can do."

Halle- "I enjoyed working with you tonight."
Dean- "Same here babe."

Halle- "How would you like to join me in a bubble bath?"

Dean- "I'll run the water."
Over at the bakery, Shane is still assisting Kelly.

Kelly- "Is there something I can do?"
Shane- "Ah, yeah..."

Shane- "Can you hold the bottom?"
Kelly- "Of course."

After a few moments.
Kelly- "So, are you and Dean brothers?"

Shane- "No, we're cousins."
Kelly- "Oh, I thought you were brothers."
Shane finishes drilling and climbs down off the stool.

Shane- "He's like my brother, his parents took me in when I was a kid."
Kelly- "Oh?"
Shane- "...My parents were in an accident."

Kelly- "Oh gosh, I'm sorry."
Shane- "That's okay, it was a long time ago."
After a few silent moments.
Shane- "So how about you?  Any family in New York?"
Kelly- "My sister and dad are here."
Shane- "How about your mom?"

Kelly- "Umm...I haven't spoken to her in over ten years."
 Shane- "Wow, that's a long time."
Kelly- "Yeah, she left when I was fifteen."
Brie's voice from the front of the shop- "Hello?!  Kelly?"

Kelly- "Back here."

Kelly- "That's my sister."
Shane- "Cool."

Brie- "Please don't be mad!  I tried to get here as fast as I could."

Brie- "Oh!  Hello."

Shane- "Hi, I'm Shane."
Brie- "Nice to meet you Shane."

Brie- "I'm Brie, Kelly's big sister."
Shane- "Nice to meet you too."
They chat for another 15 minutes, before Shane says goodnight to the ladies.

Brie- "What a cutie and a gentleman at that.  Staying to help you out, it's obvious that he's diggin' you."

Kelly- "I'm mad at you, you were suppose to be here hours ago."
Brie- "I'll make it up to you, I promise!"

Kelly- "You better...I think I might like him too."


  1. Dean and Halle are just too cute for tv and I'm loving Kelly's bakery! I'm super excited to see it open for business. Brie, cracks me up, walking in when all the hard stuff is done, LOL. I'm rooting for Kelly and Shane, I think they'd make a cute couple. Plus, Kelly's dad looked like a sturdy guy so I don't think Shane can get away with his playboy moves, LOL.

    1. Lol The nerve of Brie! And Shane will most certainly have to straighten up if he wants a chance at something real with Kelly, her dad will surely have him in a head lock. Lol

  2. Kelly and Shane look so adorable together. I think these two are gonna have some fun in the near future. The Bakery is looking nice too.

    1. Thanks William. I'm really looking forward to seeing their relationship build and hopefully some good old fashioned fun is in there somewhere. :)

  3. Hello from Spain: I like Brie. I have that same jacket. Halle and Dean are a lovely couple in love. I like a lot. I like the furniture in the bakery. Keep in touch

    1. Brie is such a cool sister, if only she can learn to be on time. :) Thanks Marta.

  4. Cute story. Love Halle's jacket, do you remember where you purchased it? Kelly better take that real s...l...o.....w. Shane is handsome and he knows it too! You do a great job with your dolls hair.

    1. Thank you! I really hope Kelly heeds that advice. Love that jacket too! I found it on ebay, it's from The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn–Part 2 Bella Doll.

  5. I am rooting for Kelly and Shane also. ; )

    Nice photostory!


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