Memorial Day Cookout Setup + Before & After

This is Dean and Halle's apartment balcony.  They'll be having a few people over later.
Before and After
Disney Princess Royal Dining Room Set
(Not my photo: Mattel-Royal Dining Room)
The color I used- Satin Granite.
(Not my photo: Spray paint-Satin Granite)
The eraser sets I've been collecting have come in handy!

Cookout coming soon :)


  1. Hello from Spain: great job. I love the new color of paint on your table and chairs. Color is very real. keep in touch

    1. I have fallen in love with the color too, I'm already looking for other things to paint with it. Thanks Marta

  2. How does that spray paint hold up? Is there any flaking? Do you coat it in gesso first? I spray painted some pieces in what was supposedly a "plastic" coating spray paint (krylon) and when I had to put the pieces back together it flakes, badly. -_-

    1. This is by far one of the best spray paints I've used. There is no flaking and I don't coat my items in anything before I paint, I just make sure the surfaces are clean of any stickiness and all that. It really is two times the coverage, so I don't have to use much, leaving me with more than enough paint for other projects. Hope that helps. :)


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