Memorial Day with Family & Friends

Halle and Dean had a few people over in celebration of Memorial Day.
Halle- "So, tell us!  How was your date with Timothy?"
Carissa- "Horrible!"
Olivia- "What?!  What happened?"
Carissa- "Well, when we were speaking, all he did was talk about his ex-girlfriend, who he's apparently still crazy about."
Halle- "Oh gosh, I'm sorry."
Olivia- "So am I, I had no idea."
Carissa- "And on top of that, he was too cheap to pay for my dinner."
Alex- "Ouch."
Alex- "You should have pulled the restroom move."
Carissa- "Huh?"
Alex- "When you saw that the date was going nowhere, excuse yourself to the ladies room, then head for the nearest exit."
Carissa- "That's just wrong."
Halle- "Well, so is talking about his ex when he's on a date with you."
Olivia- "I agree Carissa, he would have paid for that therapy session.  Sorry girl, that was really my fault."
Carissa- "I think I'm destined to be alone."
Alex- *eye roll* "Ugh."
Halle- "You are not."
Olivia- "You can do what I've done.  I have taken a personal pledge to not focus on finding a man."
Carissa- "I may have to take that pledge."
Halle- "Not to knock your pledge, but Landon seems to really have a thing for you."
Olivia- "Isn't he a sweetie pie?!  It's tempting."
Alex- "Then date him!  Just don't go into it looking for anything more than a good time.  Goodness!  Is everyone looking for a husband?"
While the ladies chat it up in the kitchen, Shane and Mason enjoy the baseball game.
Mason has brought his daughter, Bridget, along.
Dean is grilling outside on the balcony.
Ms. Alina and Belinda enjoy their burgers.
Jessie and Amber stay close.
A While Later
Halle goes to check on the chef.
Halle- *smile* "Your food was very very tasty."
Dean- "Thanks babe."
Landon- "So, you don't return phone calls anymore?"
Olivia- "Trust me, it's nothing personal."
Ms.Alina- *chimes in* "She's just been busy, that's all."
Landon- "Is that right?"
Olivia- "Landon, it's just a bad time right now."
Inside the apartment 
The baseball game is still going on.
Belinda, Mason and Bridget talk cookies.
Carissa and Jessie take a moment to catch up.
Jessie- "How are things?"
Carissa- "Things are great."
Jessie- "Good."
Carissa- "Umm...I've never apologized for that catastrophe of a date.  I'm so sorry."
Jessie- *smile* "No worries, I survived."
Carissa- *smile* "I see."  A few moments later, "I heard that you're getting married."
Jessie- "Yeah, that's true."
Carissa- "Congratulations, she's a lucky girl."
Jessie- "Thank you."
Shane- "Oh, come on!"
Amber- "That's not good."
Hours Later
The last guests are leaving.
Halle- "Thanks for coming!"
Belinda- "Thanks for having us!"

Olivia- "I'll talk to you later."
Halle- "Okay."

Ms. Alina- "Halle, you should come out dancing with us one of these nights!"
Halle- "Sure, I'm up for it."

Olivia- "Just make sure you don't have to go into work the next day.  She can close any club!"
They say goodnight, then Halle walks out to the balcony.
Halle- "It's just me and you now mister."
Dean- "It's about time."
Halle- "Let's go to bed."

Dean wraps his arms around her- "Not just yet."
Hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day weekend! :)


  1. Wow Halle is a feisty one hehe. Poor Landon he seems really into Olivia and im glad jessie and Carissa are friends.
    Your pictures are beautiful like always ;~)

    1. Thank you. Hopefully, Olivia will soften up and give him a chance. I was equally happy that Jessie could look pass that whole thing and still be friends with Carissa and Halle, well, she does have a lil spunk. ;)

  2. A drama free Memorial Day celebration. Very nice. It was nice seeing everyone just enjoying themselves. Glad Carissa got a chance to apologize to Jesse.

    1. Thank you. Everyone really did enjoy themselves. They have been busy bees lately, so some chill time was in order.

  3. Hello from Spain: I join your tribute to celebrate that day. I also love your photos. I like the shirt with message Halle is wearing. Your outfits are perfect.Keep in touch

    1. It's definitely a day to be celebrated. :) Halle's outfit/dress is from the stardoll fashion pack. Thanks Marta

  4. This was a great story, I'm glad Carissa finally apologized too, LOL, I first started reading your blog at that awful date, haha!

    I really love the dynamics of your group. It's fun, easy flowing and not hard to keep track of who is who.

    And... I feel bad for saying it... but poor Halle, she's wearing the dress that I always read as "Sweet Hor City"... someone was NOT thinking about the wrap-around text 0_0

    1. Lol!! I have never read it that way. Too funny! Now that's all I see...thanks Heather. ;D And thanks for following along, it's always nice to read your comments.

  5. Your photos are FANTASTIC! Dean & Halle's place is quaint and large enough to have a nice amount of friends over, very nice. I'm happy to see Carissa and Jessie can move past the date and be friends. :)

    1. Thanks Tracy! The balcony sure does come in handy. Carissa's apology was a long time coming and she's also happy that they can move forward with a friendship.

  6. i think, jessie and carissa would be together. :)

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