Dee and Jay

Friends and business partners Dean and Jessie meet at the bar to go over some changes.
Dean- "What do you think about that vendor?"
Jessie- "Works for me."
Dean- "Cool, I'll give them a call."

Jessie- "You wanna try the ribs?"
Dean- "Yeah, why not?"
Jessie- "Okay, I'll add it to the menu."

Dean- "What's up with the waitress?"
Jessie- "Oh!  I found one."
Dean- "Is she coming in today?"

Jessie- "Yeah, she should be here in a few minutes."
Dean- "Alright."

Jessie- "...It's my girlfriend."

Dean- "What?  Do you think that's a good idea?"
Jessie- "Not really...we're getting married."

Dean- "Say what?!"

Jessie- *laughs* "I know it's only been a few months, but she makes me happy."

Dean- *smile* "That's what matters.  Congrats!"  While shaking his hand.
Jessie- "Thanks Dee."
Moments later, Jessie's fiancé enters the bar.

Amber- "Hi honey!"
Jessie- "Hey sweetheart," giving her a quick kiss on the lips.  They then turn their attention towards Dean.

Jessie- "This is Dean, Dean this is Amber."
Amber- "Hello!"
Dean- "Hello."
Amber- "It's nice to finally meet you, Jessie talks about you quite often."

Dean- "It's nice to meet you too."
Amber- "And thanks for the job!"
Dean- "No problem, happy to have you."

Amber- "I'm sure Jessie's told you about our getting married?"
Dean- "He has and congratulations by the way."
Amber- *smile* "We'll be going to the courthouse in a few weeks."

Amber- "And since you're such dear friends, we would love it if you and your wife would be our witnesses?"

Dean- "Of course."

Amber- "Yay!"
Jessie- "Thanks Dee."
Dean- "Sure thing."

Halle's at home preparing to head to the boutique.


  1. He's engaged to Katniss!! I've been wondering what she'd look like with her hair down, how lovely!

  2. Hello from Spain: I like the shirt Jessie wears. I also bought. Katniss is very pretty. I'm happy to have another wedding. Halle is very pretty too. Keep in touch

  3. Ah shoot, I was kinda hoping he'd get back together with Halle's cousin. I guess once you throw up on a guy it's over.

    Halle looks so fresh!

  4. I love how easy it is for Dean and Jessie to make business decisions. You can tell they're great friends who know each other very well. I'm actually really happy for Jessie because he struck me as a no nonsense kinda guy who wanted a steady relationship. I think Amber is gorgeous and seems like the right girl for him. I don't know if the news is going to go over well with Carissa, especially since she's feeling the single blues lately.

    Such great episodes, I love these series!

  5. Halle is looking beautiful as always. Cute dress!!! Happy for Jessie.

  6. Congrats to Jessie and Amber. Why do guys always pick girls that look like their exes? LOL! It happens all the time in real life. I can't wait to see Carissa's reaction.

  7. Forget Carissa, I can't wait to see Alex's reaction!!! I think deep down inside she really does love Jessie and I wonder how she is going to take the news and if she will try and stop the wedding. :D

  8. Oh my! I can't wait to see Alex's reaction *snickers*. Great story!

  9. Ohh, I was expecting Jessie would see Carissa again... "Snif"...

  10. Thanks for the comments everyone!! They're always a pleasure to read. :)


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