A Few Days Later at The Waverlys

It's around 10 in the morning and Halle's taking another look at the blueprint from a recent house tour.
Dean enters the kitchen.

Dean- "Still checking out the house, huh?"
Halle- "Yeah, just giving it another look over before I tuck it away."

Dean- "Are you having a change of heart?"
Halle- "Oh, no."

Dean- "So, we're still holding off?"
Halle- "Yeah, that's what we agreed on...well, at least until we're able to see more."

Dean- "Cool."

Halle- "So, where are you off to?"

Dean- "Meeting with Jessie down at the bar."

Halle- "Is everything okay?"
Dean- "Yeah, we're just gonna be going over some things for the business."

Halle- "Okay, well, tell him I said hello."
Dean- "Will do."

Halle- "Are you still going to be able to make it tonight?"

Dean- "Absolutely, I wouldn't be anywhere else."

Halle- *smile* "Thank you."
Dean leans in to give her a kiss.

Halle and Dean share a deep kiss and Dean begins to get a little carried away.  Halle has to remind him...

Halle- "Babe, we have a guest in the house."

Dean- "Oh, that's right."  Reluctantly releases her, "I'll see you tonight."


  1. Hello from Spain: I really like these photos. I see Halle always does what he wants Dean. She is a woman in love. I really like the floor plan. I have the same gown to be home. It LIV dolls. Keep in touch

  2. These two have always been my favorite couple! Their chemistry is awsome and i love how dean is dressed!

  3. And that's why newlyweds need their own space! They need to take advantage of these moments because all too often they are gone too soon.

  4. Nawwwe!! they are just do cute! This is one of my favorite doll story's, thank you for carrying on with this ;)

  5. LOL, Alex isn't even in the room and she's hubba hubba blocking.

    1. LOL! You took the words right out of my mouth.


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