Getting Dolls Moved In

The Patty Pat Way property has sold!
Keisha- "Congratulations Mr. Waverly!"
Shane- "Thank you!"
While Shane re-examines his new home, Keisha walks over to talk with Dean.
Keisha- "Thank you for the referral."
Dean- "No problem."

Keisha- "There's a property that just might be a great fit for you and Mrs. Waverly.  Although, it's still under construction, but it's built enough to allow a tour."

Dean- "When can we see it?"
Keisha- "How about today?"
Dean- "Sounds good, I'll give Halle a call."
Keisha- "Perfect!"
Keisha finishes up with Shane and Dean, then heads across town to finalize another sell.
After completing contract signing with Kelly, she hands over the keys.

Keisha- "Congratulations, you're now a homeowner!"

Kelly- "Wow, what an amazing feeling!  Thank you for everything!"
Keisha- "It was my pleasure!"
Kelly's dad, Andrew, enters the room (he's been touring the house).

Kelly- "What do you think?"

Andrew- "It's a beautiful house, it suits you", as he walks towards her.

Andrew- "I'm proud of you Kelly.  You're getting your business started and now a homeowner.  Well done."

Kelly- "Thanks daddy."
A few hours later, Keisha meets with Halle and Dean.
Keisha- "Hello you two!  Thanks for making it out."
Dean- "Sure thing," as they make their way closer.
Keisha- "So, before I give you a walk through, I would like to give you this to carry along.  It's what the house will look like once it's completely finished."
Halle- "Love the layout."
Dean- "So, two floors?"
Keisha- "And an attic!  This house has four bedrooms and two baths.  There will be a laundry room, an eat-in kitchen and study."
Halle- "Sounds amazing."
Keisha- "It's a great house in a great community!  Also, it's not too far from the city, so you don't have to worry about a long commute to work."
After having a few more words, Keisha moves on to give them the tour.

Over the next thirty minutes, Keisha walks them from room to room.  Halle and Dean do their best to visualize it's completion and they begin to like it more and more.
Keisha also informs them that there are currently five similar properties being built in the community and they're selling fairly quickly.
Looks like Halle and Dean have a lot to think about.


  1. I hope they find the perfect house for them even if it isn't this one. It looks great so far though!

  2. Ow wow, that house you are building looks humongous. Love that shot of it with natural light pouring in.

    1. Lol It is pretty huge...I think I went a little overboard. Yikes :)

  3. Oooh, that looks like quite the house in the making! I can't wait to see it all done... I'm sure you have amazing things planned.

    And quite the day for Keisha! The housing market must be looking up!

    1. Things are surely looking up and Keisha is all over it. She's already trying to sell a house, that I haven't even finished yet!

  4. Hello from Spain: I am glad that Andrew buys the house. I really like her father. He is an attractive man. I like the layout of the house under construction. Great job. Your dioramas are very inspiring to me. Keep in touch

  5. OMG, Adrian...I am super excited to see what you're building! Dean & Halle are one lucky couple to be getting in on a new development. :) I'm happy for Shane too. I love how proud of Kelly her father is. I'm loving S.I.S. Baby Phat Grace, more and more.

    Looking forward to next episode.

  6. Ooops, missed this one. Nice to see the real estate market is booming. Congrats to all the new home owners. The potential new place looks wonderful.

  7. I miss your videos :/ but is still good that u doing it on your blog


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