Sister to Sister

* Some adult content *
Alex enters the kitchen, as Halle finishes up with her makeup.
Alex- "Leaving already?"

Halle- "Yes, I thought you were coming with me."

Alex- "I'll meet you there."
Halle- "Okay."

Alex- "Are you sure you're okay with me being here?"

Halle- "Yes, why?"

Alex- "You and Dean getting frisky earlier and having to stop because of moi!"

Halle- *smile* "Oh goodness!  These walls are too thin."
Alex- "You are newlyweds after all."

Halle- "And I'm fine with you being here."

Halle- "For now, Dean and I will just have to resort to the privacy of our bedroom."

Alex- "What's the fun in that?!  It's nice to change things up, like on a table...counter...sofa...the floor..."

Halle- "I get it."

Alex- "The shower..."
Halle- *laughs* "Alex, I get it!"

Alex- *smile* "Just saying."

Alex- "I'm gonna make other arrangements.  If I have to go back to mom and dads for a while, then so be it."
Halle- "Alex, that's not necessary."

Alex- "I know, but you guys need your privacy.  I can understand that."
Halle- "Wow, I'm impressed."
Alex- "Not so selfish after all, huh?"
Halle grabs her clutch and walks over to hug Alex good-bye.

Halle- "I love you and I'll see you in a bit."
Alex- "Love you."

Moments after Halle leaves...

Alex's guest enters the kitchen.


  1. LMBO! This girl...may I say that Alex never disappoints. She is a mess and I love her for that. :))

  2. Oh, Alex. What are we going to do with you? hahaha

  3. I knew something was up. Alex being nice and unselfish? Unheard of.

  4. So as I am reading, thinking to myself okay Alex is getting there. Slowly!! #POW that darn Alex Stacy is a piece of work. I sure hope Halle and/or Dean don't ever catch him because that isn't going to be pretty and going back to mom's house will no longer be optional. Loving the story....

  5. Hehe Alex cracks me up! :) this is too awesome!!

  6. :D Oh Alex, Not so selfish then BAM! Just a random guy in Halle and Deans Apartment. Love the storyline :)

  7. Alex is a piece of work - she's kinda awesome, lol.

  8. Hello from Spain: Halle is wearing a very elegant dress. Alex is a new woman ... Keep in touch

  9. LOL!! Thanks for the comments everyone. :)


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