Where To Go From Here.. Continued

Alex and Clark have been chatting at the bar and decide to move to one of the tables.
Clark- "I have a question for you."
Alex- "Shoot."
Clark- "I overheard you ask for Jessie, are you and him a thing?"
Alex- "No, I just needed a place to stay for a while."
Clark- "Oh?"
Alex- "I'm in transition."
Clark- "There's room at my place."
Alex- "And the Mrs.?"
Clark- "Separated.  I moved out a few weeks ago."
Alex- "Sorry to hear that."
Clark- "It's been a long time coming."

Alex- "Oh, is that right?"
Clark- "Yep!"

Clark- "I hope you take me up on my offer."
Alex- "I barely know you."
Clark- "This is a bit rash, however you'll have a room to yourself and you can stay as long as your transition takes."
Alex- "How about, I think about it?  In the meantime, you can call me if you need someone to talk to."
Clark- "Alright."
Alex's cellphone rings.
Alex- "Excuse me", as she pulls her phone from her purse. 
Alex- "It's my sister again."
Alex- "I have to run, but here's my number", sliding it across the table.  "Call anytime."
Clark- "Sure will."
Alex has been dodging Halle's calls all day and she finally makes contact by popping into Elle La La.
Halle- "Hey, where have you been?!  I've called you four times."
Alex- "Looking for a place to stay."
Halle- "You can stay with us."
Alex- "You don't even want me there!"
Halle- "Alex, please don't be difficult."
Alex- "Did mom call you?"
Halle- "Yes and she's concerned.  You should call her."

Alex- "I'll call her later."
Halle- "Okay."
Alex takes a seat and Halle makes her way back to her chair.

Halle- "Well, I'm making dinner tonight, do you have a taste for anything?"
Alex- "Not really."
Alex gets a call from Clark and excuses herself.

She returns to the office 15 minutes later.
Alex- "I've made other arrangements, so I won't have to burden you and Dean."
Halle- "Alex, it's not a burden."
Alex- "That's what it feels like."

Halle- "Granted it's not the ideal situation so soon, but you're welcome to stay as long as you need to."
Alex- "Well, if this situation doesn't work out, I'll be there."

Halle- "What's the situation?"
Alex- "A spare room at a friend's house."
Halle- "Which friend?"
Alex- "Uh, Mimi."
Halle- "That was nice of her."
Alex- "Except she said no."
Halle- "What?"
Alex- "I just lied to you."
Halle- "Please stop."
Alex- "Then don't judge me."
Halle- "...I won't."
Alex- "It's Clark Gilbert."
Halle- "The married Clark Gilbert?"
Alex- "It's not what you think."
Halle- "Then what is it?"
Alex- "He's separated and we're just gonna be roomies.  Nothing more."
Halle- "It's a bad idea."
Alex- "That sounds like judging to me."
Halle- "It's not judging, it's sisterly advice.  Alex, come stay with us."
Alex- "I've made up my mind."
Halle- "Well, our door is always open."
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  1. Hello from Spain, Halle is going to have problems with the way of life of her sister. I really like Alex workbench. Keep in touch

    1. Alex is definitely a handfull. Thanks Marta :)

  2. Oooh, the plot thickens... I wonder if Clark's got a nice place? XD

    Halle seems to be the level head in this sisterhood. I'll bet Alex has had to compete with Halle's shining image her whole life, hasn't she?

    Or did Halle have a wild streak at some point?

    1. Halle has stumbled before and she's certainly not perfect, however Alex is more of a free spirit. Which has gotten her in trouble more times than I'd like to mention! So, I guess it kind of forced Halle to be more level headed. :)

  3. I had to go back and watch the wedding episodes all over again. That darn Alex!!!!

  4. If I recall Alex already mentioned getting her paws on Brandy's hubby when she was flirting with Dean. Keep the story line rolling I am all tuned in!!!!

    1. True! Alex threatened the woman and didn't think a thing about it. Thanks for staying tuned!!

  5. Alex, Alex, Alex...that girl is something else but I love her craziness, LOL. This is gonna be very interesting and I suspect Halle will be shaking her head at Alex again. :)

    I'm hooked.

    1. Tracy, you know our girl Alex is a piece of work! Here we go... :)

  6. Alex is a big girl she just has to learn from her own mistakes. Her pride seems to be getting the best of her. All Halle can do is try to be there for her.

    1. That's the honest truth. That's all she can do, hopefully Alex won't have to make too many more mistakes before she learns her lessons.


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