Where To Go From Here

Alex has had yet another talk with her parents and it didn't go so well.
Lisa- "Dear, just keep in mind that we're not kicking you out, you're leaving on your own accord."
Alex- "You're just about kicking me out.  We've had three talks in one week!"
Lisa- "We only want the best for you."
Alex places her suitcase into the back of her jeep.

Alex- "Since when does a grown woman need a curfew?!"
Lisa- "When she constantly waltzes in at four in the morning!"
Alex walks around, climbs into the jeep and slams the door.

Alex- "Mom, I'm a grown woman."
Lisa- "I know...why on earth did you park on the grass?"
Alex- "Gotta go."
Alex puts her car in reverse.

Lisa- "Alex, please stay."
Alex- "No thanks.  I'll be fine."
Lisa- "Please don't go to your sister's house.  She's with her husband now."

Alex- "Bye mom.  I'll call you."
She drives off into the city and heads to the home of an old acquaintance, named Mimi.  Alex arrives at her place, knocks a few times and Mimi comes to the door.  Alex explains her situation.

Mimi- "So, Miss Alex needs a place to stay?"
Alex- "Only for a few weeks."
Mimi- "Why haven't you returned any of my phone calls?"
Alex- "I was meaning to, but things got busy..."
Mimi- "I bet they did."

Alex- "Well, can I stay?"
Mimi- "I'm gonna pass."
Alex turns and walks away.
Mimi- "Sorry, but we should have dinner sometime.  I have missed you."
Alex- "Whatever."
Now she's off to see Robin.

Robin- "Hmmm...no."

Alex- "Fine", as she walks back to her jeep.
She decides to stop by Dee and Jay's.
Alex- "Hey, is Jessie here?"
Sarisha- "Just missed him."
Alex- "Will he be back later?"
Sarisha- "Not today."
Alex- "Well, can I get a strawberry daiquiri?"
Sarisha- "Sure."
Alex takes a seat and contemplates her next move.

Clark- "You look familiar."
Alex- *eye roll* "Is that your best line?"

Sarisha- "Here you go."
Alex- "Thanks."

Clark- "Oh!  From the wedding!  You're Halle's sister, right?"
Alex- "That's right and you are?"

Clark- "Clark Gilbert."
Alex- "Oh...you're married to Brandy."

Clark- *puts his head down* "Yeah, I'm married to Brandy."

Alex- "Do I sense trouble?"

Clark- "You are really pretty."

Alex- "And you have beautiful blue eyes."
To be continued


  1. Hello from Spain, that car is fabulous. Mattel is IT? A very real fight between mother and daughter. Alex is very pretty with the hat. Clark is very attractive. Keep in touch

    1. Yes, the jeep is mattel, found it at a thrift shop. I love Alex in the hat too, I should put her in some more often. Thanks Marta :)

  2. BAH! I sense Alex is trouble.. but is Clark more trouble? I can't tell... lol!
    It amuses and pleases me that all of Alex's friends are like, "Nope, can't stay here!" LOL. I'm guessing it's because they know her well and like their lives the way they are. XD

    1. Yeah, trouble does have a way of finding Alex. Some people don't want to take that risk. Hopefully she'll learn. Thanks!

  3. This was funny. Love the bar! Poor Alex. I guess she should have treated her friends a little better. Uh oh. Not a married man.

    1. Hopefully, she's taking this lesson in and will stay out of trouble with Clark. Thanks Vanessa :)

  4. Oh no... Another married man, Alex?? RUN, please!

    1. And don't look back!! I'm with you. :)

  5. OH NO!!! Here she goes again. (^_^) Still love to hate to love Alex. She keeps things so interesting. I would love to see her and Jesse interact again. Wonder how that would go...

    1. Hey Cat! I don't think Jessie feels the same way, he knows how she can be. But, he can't hide for long, they're bound to run into eachother, like...just showing up at his place. ;)

  6. Ut oh. Wasn't Brandy the one she warned to stay away from Dean or her husband might wake up with Alex in his bed??? She might be getting her own apartment and a sugar daddy.

    1. Lol And she's likely not to pass that up. She's warned Brandy about Dean...it'll be crazy if she has to warn Brandy about her own husband.


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