Afternoon Shoe Shopping with Olivia & Halle

It's been a few days since Halle and Alex have spoken and Halle's still unsettled about the whole situation, so she vents to Olivia.
Olivia- "Halle, stop stressing!  Your sister will be fine."
Halle- "I'm sure, but I wish she'd understand it's not the best decision."
Olivia- "I hate to break this to you- people are gonna do what they wanna do.  Just be there for her when she needs you."
Halle- "She needs me now."
Olivia- "Whatcha gonna do?!  Go grab her out by her hair, take her to your place and chain her to the bed?"
Halle- *laughs* "Geeezzzz!"
Olivia- "That's assault and kidnapping.  And you don't want those type of charges.  Jail is not for you!  Or me for that matter."
They both laugh!
Halle- "You're right, I'll stop stressing about it."
Olivia- "Good for you.  Trust me, things will work themselves out."
Olivia turns to glance at the shoes.
Olivia- "Now, check out these babies!"
Halle- "Wow!  Those are nice!"
Olivia- "Aren't they?!"
Olivia flips the shoe over to check out the price.
Olivia- "Well, for only two hundred and thirty five dollars, they're yours."
Halle- "Goodness!"
Olivia- "I'm with you on that."
Halle stands up to give the shoe a closer look.

Olivia tries one on.

Halle- "Love them."
Olivia- "And they're comfortable."

Olivia- "I think I'm gonna cough up the dough."
Halle- "Me too and the dough for these", pointing to her other two pairs.  "...Oh goodness."
Halle- "If Dean knew how much I spend on shoes, he'd be thanking his lucky stars that I kept working."
Olivia- "Girl, I hate to have to justify my purchases, men will never understand.  Although, it would be nice to have someone to come home to."
Halle- "So, are things still the same with Shawn?"
Olivia- "Yes, the thing is, I'm really falling for Landon.  But on the other hand, I feel like I'm cheating on Shawn."
Halle- "Why don't you ask him about your exclusivity?"

Olivia- "You know what, I'm gonna do that.  I'll be seeing him tonight for dinner and bring it up then."
The girls shopped a while longer, had lunch and said their good-byes.


  1. Christie:

    Uh oh, I hope Shawn will be cool with seeing other people.

    And OMG! I have those silver shoes! They're pretty intense... I've had no good occasion to wear them yet.

    1. Lol At that price they'll be slipping them on for everything. ;)

  2. It's so good to see Olivia and I'm glad she could cheer Halle up with a little shoe therapy. I hope Landon decides he wants to be exclusive. Olivia deserves a good one. :)

    1. She sure does. We'll see what Shawn has to say at dinner. She just might have to kick him to the curb. :)

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