I'm Still A Believer

Halle drives over to Olivia's place after work.  They chat in the living room for a few minutes before moving into the kitchen, after Olivia offers her some of what's left of the apple pie that was intended for her dinner date with Shawn.
Olivia- "Here you go."
Halle- "Thank you."

Olivia- "I can't believe I made pie for that fool."
Halle- "Have you spoken to him?"

Olivia- "Girl, he's been calling non-stop for the past two days.  Go figure!"

Olivia- "And I refuse to pick up!"
Halle- "Good for you!  His loss."

Olivia- "You got that right", as she opens the fridge.  "Would you like something to drink?"
Halle- "Sure."

Olivia- "Let's see...there's orange juice, coke and milk."
Halle- "Coke is fine."
Olivia- "Cool", while grabbing two cokes.
Olivia- "Here you go."
Halle- "Thanks, by the way this pie is delicious", as she takes another bite.
Olivia- "Thank you."
Olivia takes a seat.
Olivia- "I'm officially done with dating."
Halle- "All because of Shawn?"
Olivia- "Yes, I'm kicking everybody to the curb."
Halle- "Olivia, don't let him do that to you."
Olivia- "It's become exhausting."
Halle- "You shouldn't punish yourself.  Mr. Right is out there."
Olivia- "I'm tired of all the lies and excuses.  Some time for myself will do me good."
Halle- "If that's what you need, go for it.  Just please don't turn into a cynic."
Olivia- "Don't worry, I'm still a believer."
Olivia- "Speaking of which, how are you and Mr. Dean doing?"

Halle- "Well, we went to look at a house the other day."

Olivia- "You guys are moving already?"

Halle- "No, although the house was beautiful."
They talk for another hour, say their good-byes, then Halle heads home.


  1. No wonder Olivia is tired of failed relationship, some time without it could help her to gather mental strenght again.

    1. Agreed. Olivia surely hasn't had the best of luck when it comes to dating, so this time for herself to reflect could be great for her.

  2. I'm glad Olivia's still a believer, but it's great that she wants to take some time to herself.

    1. I agree, some time for yourself can do wonders.

  3. It's funny, Shawn couldn't seem to find a phone to call Olivia and cancel that night but he's calling her like crazy after she dumps him. Go figure. I'm glad that Liv is a believer too but mostly because she's sticking to her standards of being treated with respect and that's always good. I love her kitchen and Halle's hair looks amazing!

    1. Thanks Tracy! Olivia is definitely a strong one and Shawn just needs to keep it moving because there's no turning back for her.

  4. poor Olivia! Mr right is floating around somewhere ! Love Olivias little kitchen!

  5. Hello from Spain: beautiful pictures of this meeting girls. The fridge is awesome. I love the table. Nice outfits. Keep in touch

  6. Amazing outfits!


  7. wish olivia finds her Mr. Right...

  8. Love this photo story. You did an excellent job with Liv' s kitchen! May I ask where you got her table and oven/stove/counter space? Because it is absolutely gorgeous in that mahogany brown.

    1. Thank you Tracey! The table and stove were actually thrift finds and I used the Rust-Oleum spray paint in Kona Brown for their touch up.


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