Open House at Patty Pat Way

Halle and Dean decide to check out a house that has just come unto the market at an unbelievable price.
Halle- "Nice curb appeal."
Dean- "Yeah, cool balcony."
Dean- "We'll have to do something about that mailbox though."
Halle- "Hey, watch it buddy.  I happen to like pink."
Dean- *grin*
They enter the house and are greeted by the agent.
Agent- "Hello and welcome to Patty Pat Way Open House, I'm Keisha!"
Dean- "Hello Keisha, I'm Dean."
Halle- "Hello, I'm Halle."
Keisha- "Before you have a look around, I would like to point out that this property has had many renovations.  Like the kitchen, the house has been painted inside and out and all the floors have been redone."
Dean- "Why such a reduced price?"
Keisha- "The seller is very motivated, since they'll be moving out of state."
Keisha gives them more back story on the house, then informs them to feel free to ask her any other questions once they've had a good look around.  With that, they start in the kitchen...
Halle- "Cute kitchen."
Dean- "It's okay...a little small."
Halle- "I agree, but I like these windows here."

Dean- "The ceiling could be a lil higher."
Halle- *giggles at the sight of his head merely an inch from the ceiling*
They walk over to the living room.
Halle- "I love the open space."
Dean- "Me too."

Halle- "Check out this window seat."
Dean- "Nice."

Halle- "These floors are amazing!"

Dean- "Babe, look a fireplace."

Halle- "Love it."
Dean- "Yeah, this is definitely a plus."
They make their way upstairs.

Halle- "Well, this is nice and it comes with a built in vanity."
Dean- "Cool."
Dean- "Looks like we'll have to get our own shower, toilet and refrigerator."
Halle- "Yeah, that's something to keep in mind."

Dean- "What do you think about the balcony?"
Halle- "I like it..."

Halle- "Although, I wish it was a tad wider to allow a sitting area."
After glancing off the balcony for a few more seconds, Halle moves to the other side of the room and gives it another look.

Halle- "This is a really good space."

Dean- "But, is it good enough to make an offer?"
Halle- "It's a beautiful house and I do love the floors...but, I'm not completely in love with it."
Dean- "I agree."
So, no new house for Halle and Dean. :(  Before leaving the property, they say thank you to Keisha and exchange phone numbers.


  1. I don't know why, but my first thought was , "It's HAUNTED!" when they mentioned a great house at a good price, LOL. I agree with them though, the house has lovely aspects to it, but it didn't seem quite like a fit for them. At least not in its current state. XD

    1. Yes, not quite right for Halle and Dean but someone will take it. Thanks for watching.

  2. Are you kidding me? LOL! How is it that we picked the exact same color to paint this house. So incredible. I'm glad I did my progress post. You would have thought I was copying you. Great color choices! Now I'm going back to read the story. I just had to hop down and make this comment.

  3. Actually, this is the blue Victorian, not the pink one. But still hilarious that we picked the same colors. Great minds think alike.

    1. LOL! Great minds do think alike! I love the colors which is why I was drawn to it when I went to Home Depot. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

  4. Hello from Spain: I have that same house but is pink. I do not dare to paint. I really like yours. Color is very nice and real. I hope Halle and Dean buy that house. I love the house. Halle is wearing a very beautiful and perfect outfits to visit the house. Keep in touch

    1. It's too bad that it wasn't the right fit for them, but that's okay, Keisha's on the job and I'm sure she'll find the perfect occupants. Thanks Marta :)

  5. Love what you did with the house - so far. Halle and Dean will find the perfect property for them, it just takes time.


  6. What a great rehab! And yes, I think a shorter couple might like that house. Tall people wont have enough head room.


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