Attending to the Apartment

Halle and Dean spend most of the late afternoon into the early evening putting up wallpaper.
Halle- "What do you think?"
Dean- "I like it."

Halle- "You don't think it's too bright?"
Dean- "No, it looks good.  They both do."
Halle- "So, all we have left is to wait for the delivery."

Dean- "We have some time to kill before they get here."

Halle- *smile* "Is that right?"
Dean- "Hmm mmm."
Halle leans in, kisses him softly from cheek to cheek and then...
The doorbell rings.

Dean- "They can come back."
Halle- "Yeah, we don't really need a refrigerator."
Dean- *smile* "I'll be right back."
Dean opens the door for the delivery of their new refrigerator, kitchen table and cabinets.
Thirty minutes later...

Halle- "We're done!"

Dean- "Looks good", as he pulls her close to him.

Dean- "Now, where were we?"


  1. Hello from Spain: A newly married couple very much in love. Nice pictures. The kitchen is perfect. Keep in touch

  2. I love how quickly they got everything sorted in order to pick up where they left off. They're so lovely together.

  3. Oh my! 0.0 lol! Very cute story. <3

  4. This is such a great little snippet of their life together... and Dean is one hot looking guy 0_0 Is he a custom?

    1. Thanks Heather :) No, Dean's from the Barbie and Ken Tango Gift set.

  5. I want u guys to make more of these episodes of dean and Halle. They are like just magic together!

    1. Awww, thank you! More coming soon. :)


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