The Ceremony is Getting Underway

The wedding guests are beginning to arrive and Carissa is standing as hostess to greet them!


Mason- "Well, what a pleasant surprise."
Melissa- "Hello Mason."
Mason- "It's nice to see you out of the office."
Melissa- "You too."
Mason- "I guess I'll take this seat next to you."
Melissa- "Umm...I'm saving this seat."
Mason- "Wow, I'm having a high school flashback."
Melissa- *grin* "It's for my mother."
Mason- *grin* "In that case, I'll move."
Mason- "How about this one?"
Melissa- *smile* "That'll work."
Mason- "So, how've you been?"
Melissa- "Good and you?"
Mason- "Fantastic, even though I never did get that call."
Melissa- "Oh...I've just been..."
Mason- "Busy?"
Melissa- "Umm hmm"
Mason- *grin* "I figured.  That's okay, maybe your mom can give me some pointers."
Sarisha- *giggle* "Mason is back there trying to mack."
Imari- *laughs* "I'm pulling for em'."

Sarisha- "I can give him a few pointers."

Mason- *laughs* "Uh...I can hear you guys."

Sarisha and Imari both laugh.

Mason- "I hope I'm not b..."
Melissa- *smile* "Let's see how tonight goes."


  1. Melissa give Mason a try! JESUS.............

  2. I am really liking your decor. You did a really great job on those chairs. A tutorial would be nice (hint hint). Lol!

  3. Wow, it looks amazing!! Mason's body language when he told Imari & Sarisha he could hear them, cracked me up. I can't wait for the ceremony to begin. Oh, and I'm with Georgia Girl...a tutorial on the chairs would be nice (wink wink). :)

  4. Wow, looks great!! I feel pathetically giddy! Can't wait to see the ceremony! And I'm with Tracy about the chair tutorial!

  5. Everything looks so nice........Im ready for the tutorial too. Cant wait for the ceremony

  6. Love the room and the decor! Poor Mason. Doesn't seem like Melissa is interested. He should play hard to get. Sometimes that works out better.

  7. Hello from Spain: your decoration is gorgeous. I like very much your furniture. I like your Kens. They are wearing very nice clothes. Awesome chairs. Keep in touch.

  8. Great dio! Did you do all the chairs? They look fantastic! Everything is beautifully decorated, I'm looking forward to the ceremony!

  9. So cute! (giggle)My favorite is the third pic with the hostess showing the way and the girl in blue chatting naturally.
    Oh yea, like the floor too.

  10. Hey everyone! I will be happy to do a tutorial on the chairs. I can't really say when though, I have learnt my lesson Lol! Thanks for all the comments :)

  11. Ahhhhh, so glad to see a continuation of Mason and Melissa. The set is just spectacular.


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