The Guests Have Arrived

 Sara- "Mommy!"
Melissa- "Hi honey!  Aren't you pretty!"
Melissa- "Hey sweetie!"
Kayla- "Hey mom!"
Melissa- "I thought you had rehearsals?"
Kayla- "It was pushed back an hour, so I wanted to come with grandma to see the ceremony."
Melissa- "Come sit."

Melissa- "Mom, thank you for bringing the girls."
Vivian- "You're very much welcome."
Melissa- "Come sit."

Melissa- "Everyone this is Mr. Mason Crosby."
Everyone- "Hello."
Melissa- "Mason, this is my mother, Vivian and my daughters Kayla and Sara."
Mason- "It's nice to meet you all."
Vivian- "You as well."

♥ Video Coming Soon ♥


  1. Wow, it's really filling up! I wonder if Jesse and Carissa will talk about how she acted on their date. :)

  2. Nice to see everyone all dressed up.

  3. Halle's Mom looks very sexy in her dress. I wish I could make dresses I may have to try it again. I seem to be able to make everything except clothes. Well I did make that pizza costume for the halloween party but that hardly counts. Cant wait for the video.

  4. Love this dio. I am getting anxious to see the wedding video. I know it is going to be good.

  5. Wonderful pictures, all the guests look great, very stylish and above all full of life... congratulations for your work!!!

  6. This is a great diorama. I can tell the guests are already enjoying themselves.


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