The New Kenneth

Hey everyone!  There's been many changes going on over here and Alicia's husband is one of them.  You may not remember the previous doll, since I think I spoke of him only once.  Well, he had the basic ken body (no articulation!).
This fully articulated cutie was just laying around, so he became Alicia's new husband.  Honestly, I did have other plans for this guy, but with the series ending I had to make changes and didn't want him to go to waste.
The series is ending!  Ummm...why is this change necessary?!
Well, as you know Alicia is Halle's publicist and I will continue storytelling with Halle, so Alicia may pop up every now and then, with or without her hubby.  Basically, he's just so much easier to work with and again, I would just hate for him to go to waste! ;)


  1. Now THAT'S a husband! ;) They make a really nice couple, and I swear she's smiling more. Ok, so you will still post stories about Halle? That's wonderful because I'm hooked. I'm still trying to find a way to scale down who will be featured in stories. I didn't realize how hard it is to have so many tales going at once.

    Anyway, nice to know we'll be able to follow Halle's career and hunk of a hubby. :)


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