Days Later...

Jessie's Place
Carissa and Jessie have lunch.
They've been spending their free time together.
The Boutique
Halle hires a new employee.
Halle- "Welcome to the team!"
Poppy- "Thank you!"
Alex's Place
Halle stops by after work.  As they talk, she helps Alex look for dancing gigs.

Alex- "Ugh, why couldn't Ethan have relaxed?"
Halle- "Sounds like you miss him."
Alex- "A little."
Halle- "So does that mean there's reconciliation in the mist?"
Alex- "Heck no!  He and I are done."
Alex- "But I do like the guy., hope that he finds what he's looking for."
A Bit Later
Together they've found 5 dance auditions and then...
Halle- "How about this?"
Alex- "What is it?"
Halle- "It's an acting gig for an independent movie.  They're looking for a blonde leading lady, between 21 and 29."

Alex- "Halle, I haven't done acting in years."
Halle- "Yeah, but you still have experience.  You've done Broadway and not to mention those acting classes."
Alex- "I would run to that audition, but I'm not sure if I have enough experience for a leading role.  I don't wanna waste my time."
Halle- "Alex, I've seen you act.  You have more than enough."
Alex- "Well, I'll think about it."
Halle- "Make sure you think fast.  Auditions are tomorrow at 1pm.  One day only."
Alex- "Geez!  Hmm, I'll stop by after my model job."
The two continue to talk for a while longer.  Then they say goodbye and Halle heads home.


  1. Nothing like sisterly love. Hopefully Alex will take Halle's advice this could be a new beginning for her!

    1. I think so too. My fingers are crossed that she makes it to that audition. :)

  2. My intuition tells me that she will get this one.

  3. i'm rooting for alex to get the audition.

    1. Thanks Shirley. She's a little bit nervous, so she really appreciates the support.

  4. I hope Alex goes to the audition and nails it! Jessie and Carissa look like they're getting along well. :-). Poppy has a sweet face, hope she turns out to be a great employee.

    1. Hey Tracy. :) I have a feeling Poppy is going to work out just fine. Her personality is just as sweet as her face. And Alex has went to the audition, thank goodness! We'll have to see how it goes.

  5. Tudo parece estar caminhando bem para as "nossas" queridas personagens!!

    1. Estoy tan orgulloso de ellos! Espero que todo sigue yendo bien y todos sus sueños se hagan realidad. :D

  6. I hope Alex get's to be in a movie. That would be awesome


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