After 10 pm ~ Walking Out

Alex's Place
Halle calls Alex.

Halle- "How did the audition go?"
Alex- "I didn't get it."

Halle- "I'm sorry."
Alex- "It's okay, I'll find others."

They don't talk very long, since Alex senses there's something on Ethan's mind.

Ethan- "I tried to call you today."
Alex- "You called me 7 times.  And I spoke to you 6 of those times, Ethan."
Ethan- "Why didn't you pick up the other time?"

Alex- "I can't pick up every single call.  I was really busy today.  There was a modeling job, then I had to spend hours auditioning.  You have to cut me some slack."

Ethan- "Well, we're still working on this trust thing.  I need to know where you are."

Alex- "Ethan, I am NOT cheating on you."
Ethan- "How do I know that?"

Alex- "Holy crap!  This is exhausting.  I cannot continue to have this same conversation."

Ethan- "And you think that I want to?!"
Alex- "Seems that way to me!"

Ethan- "Alex, I'm really trying here.  But, when you don't answer my calls, WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO THINK?!"

Alex- "I WAS WORKING!  But you know what, Ethan?  There's an easy fix to this."
Ethan- "Please enlighten me, Alex!"

Alex- "This relationship is over!  You go your way and I'll go mine.  I don't need the stress."

Ethan- "Ugh, fine, I don't need the stress either!"
Alex- "Before you walk out that door, leave my key."

Dee and Jay's Sports Bar

Sarisha- "Okay, you've been extra chipper tonight.  What's going on?"
Jessie smiles and says nothing.

The Hospital
Carissa finishes up with a patient and goes to her office.

Carissa- "Oliver, what are you doing here?"
Oliver- "Don't worry.  I'm not here for trouble."

Oliver- "I need to know, why would you do that to my mother and I?"

Carissa- "Um...well, it was too much for me.  Your mother at dinner totally threw me for a loop.  So, I kind of panicked and ran."

Oliver- "I have feelings too.  You called me for this date.  You should have never led me on, Carissa."

Carissa- "You're right and I'm so sorry that I hurt your feelings."

Oliver- "That's it?  You're sorry?  Please don't ever call me again."

Then he turns and...

Walks out the door.


  1. Replies
    1. As mulheres de The Waverlys não estão com muito saco para as loucuras dos rapazes! LOL!

    2. Lol Poca paciencia supongo. :)

  2. I guess Oliver wanted to have the last word to help was his pain. Lol! Mama's boy! Ugh!

    1. Lol!! I actually feel a little bad for him. I hope he got the closure he needed. ;)

  3. alex need to focus on her self first before she get involved with someone so let him go. carissa you said you were sorry, that is enough for oliver, just say bye and don't look back. look forward to jessie.

  4. I agree, I think Alex needs to get her career off the ground before she gets into a committed relationship. I don't know what to say about Ethan but...thanks for the free paint job in Alex's new crib? LOL. That poor guy had that argument with himself. He started it and ended it all in one felt swoop.

    And...Oliver...sigh. Maybe he'll bump into Amber somewhere..the two will hit it off, get married and have crazy kids and Oliver's mom with move in with them. :-)

    Can't wait to see next episode.

    1. LOL!!! Loved your idea about Amber and Oliver: great crazy couple!

    2. Amber and Oliver?! Lol!! No way!

  5. Oh Oliver....such a drama queen. Alex did the right thing. You can't have a successful relationship without trust.

    1. Agreed. It's so much better to just move on.

  6. Hello from Spain: I really like your scenes. Alex is doing the right thing. Keep in touch

  7. Now thats a lot of drama going on.
    I like how you positioned the dolls hands to get the emotion across.

  8. I feel so bad for Alex. She is having a hard time keeping a man. I hope she can find one that can make her happy. And I'm glad Carissa is not dating Oliver anymore. He was moving to fast.


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