Carissa's Date

Halle calls Carissa.
Carissa- "Hey Halle."
Halle- "Hey, are you okay?"
Carissa- "Yes.  Thanks for checking on me, but I'm still at home."
Halle- "Does that mean you're not going?"
Carissa- "No, I'm meeting him at the restaurant."
Halle- "Oh, well, cool, have fun and be safe."
Carissa- "Okay, I'll call later.  Love."
Halle- "Love."
Carissa arrives at the restaurant and Oliver is already there waiting.

She gives him a friendly hug- "Hello."
Oliver- "Hi, you look beautiful."
Carissa- "Thank you."

Judy- "She really is beautiful, Oliver."

Carissa- "Um, thanks and hello.  I'm Carissa."

Oliver- "Oh, this is my mother, Judy."
Carissa- "Your, um, well..."

Carissa- "It's nice to meet you."
Judy- "Likewise, I've heard much."
Seconds later they take their seats at the table.

Oliver- "How has your day been so far?"
Carissa- "It's been great."

Judy- "I have to say, my son is absolutely smitten with you.  I think it's wonderful that you want kids and it was refreshing to know you've never been married.  No lingering bitterness."

Carissa- "Uh-huh, I-I've never been married and I do want kids.  That is true."

Judy- "Tell me, what does your 5 year plan look like?"

Carissa- "Could you excuse me for a moment?"

Oliver- "Where are you going?"
Carissa- "The ladies room."
In the Ladies Room

~What is happening?  Is he for real?  What possessed him to bring his mother?  Oh gosh, I can't bare it.  Just leave, Carissa.  Yeah, that's what I'll do.  Hmm, there has to be a back exit.~
She leaves the restroom, carefully maneuvers her way through the restaurant and out the back.
Not quite ready to go home, she stops by Dee and Jay's.

Jessie's working the bar.

Carissa- "Hey Jessie, can I have a martini please."
Jessie- "Gotcha."

Jessie- "How are things?"
Carissa- "Not too hot right now."

Jessie- "What's going on?"
Carissa- "I just snuck out of a dinner."  It begins to hit her, "Oh no, I've snuck out of a dinner!  I have to go back."
Jessie- "Not so fast.  I'm sure you have a legit reason."

Carissa- "It's this guy."
Jessie- "See, pretty legit."
Carissa smiles
Jessie- "So, what happened?"
Carissa tells him about it.


  1. Run, run Carissa run! Oh, that is what she did -- whew! There is definitely something wrong with that guy. Stalker written all over him! I've been pulling for her and Jesse to get another chance anyway.

  2. I had thought for just a moment that maybe Halle was worrying for nothing, but I was appalled when I saw that Oliver brought his mother. Appalled! I don't even want to know how he justified that as a good idea... And I'm glad Carissa was able to vent to Jessie, but I'm still wary over them being together.

  3. Hello from Spain: Carissa is very pretty and elegant. I like Oliver's mother. A great mother. Poor Carissa. She runs away!!. Keep in touch

  4. That boy done bumped his dang head!

  5. ROTFL! This guy...brought his mom to his date?! The only thing I would say to Carissa is maybe she should have faked a headache and announced she was leaving. I'm only saying that because they're both doctors and career wise, this could come back to bite her. Other than that, she did the right thing. She dodged a bullet and a future appearance on Dr. Phi.

    Make your move, Jessie... ;-)

  6. Wow! I didn't know that Carissa had balls like that. Lol! I would have pulled Oliver to the side and let him have it. I can't wait to see how this pans out. I don't care for Jessie either, so maybe there is somewhere out there for her.

  7. she did the right thing by leaving but she should have said goodbye for good.

  8. Hmm a little extreme but it is probably not the first time someone has bailed on that weirdo. He could have had a chance with her if he played his cards right.

  9. Oliver is a freak and it's clear that he got it from his momma! Nonetheless, Carissa just leaving like that is bad form. After she's through venting with Jessie I hope she at least calls Oliver and tells him she's gone and why.

  10. If I was Carissa I would've told him that he's moving way to fast and that we need to slow it down. And if he don't like it he can find some one else


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