Shane and Kelly's Dinner Date

Kelly opens the door.
Shane- "Wow, you look great."

Kelly- "Thank you."

Shane- "Shall we?"
Kelly- "Yes."
They make it to the restaurant, have already ordered their meals and engaged in conversation.

Kelly- "Well, I'm curious to know about your last relationship."
Shane- "It was right before my deployment.  We were together for close to a year."
Kelly- "What happened?"
Shane- "She broke up with me, after I told her I was being deployed.  I came home and all her things were gone with a note on the fridge."
Kelly- "Oh that's awful."
Shane- "Yeah, I thought so too.  But, I got over it."
Shane- "How about you?  When was your last?"
Kelly- "Um, some years back.  It actually started in high school."
Shane- "High school?"
Kelly- "Yep, my junior year."
Shane- "How long did it last?"

Kelly- "Four years.  Although, two of those were long distance.  I stayed here for college and he didn't.  And after a while, it became too hard, so we ended it mutually and stayed friends."

Shane- "Friends huh?"
Kelly- "Yeah, friends."
Shane- ""

Kelly- "Can I ask you something?"
Shane- "Anything."

Kelly- "What do you want?"
Shane- "Let's see...I want to travel more and-"

Kelly- *giggles* "You know what I mean."

Shane- "I really like you and want to see where this goes."
Kelly- "I really like you too."

Shane- "Dance with me."
Kelly- "I don't think there's any dancing in here."

Shane- "They won't mind."
Kelly- *smile* "Okay."

Shane helps her up.

And he pulls her in close.

Shane- "You smell nice."
Kelly- "Thank you."

♪ A Twirl ♪
After their dance, Shane wants to prolong his time with Kelly, so he suggests dessert.  They order a sundae to share.

Shane- "Hands down the biggest sundae I've ever seen."

Kelly- "Yeah, it's pretty big.  I bet it's delicious."

Kelly digs in- "So, traveling?"

Shane- "Yeah, there's a few places I would like to visit."

Kelly- "Like where?"

Shane- "Italy's on the list."
After dinner Shane takes Kelly home.
Kelly- "Goodnight."

Kelly- "I had a great time."
Shane- "Me too."

Shane- "I want to see you again."

Kelly- "I'm around.  Goodnight Shane."
Shane- "Goodnight."
Kelly goes inside and shuts the door.

The End


  1. Hello from Spain: I like the dress Kelly is wearing. I have the same dress. It's very cool. this dinner is very romantic. Nice table. Shane dances very well. Great end of the appointment. Keep in touch

    1. Hey Marta. Thanks to you and everyone who helped Kelly pick out this dress. It was perfect. And the dance was one of her highlights, Shane really did show his good moves.

  2. This is so sweet, I love that they just dance for the heck of it :)

  3. Hi there..I was waiting so long for you to come with a new episode.. Im totally in love with The Waverlys..
    I've got to know about this story very recently and it took me just two days to watch and read all your seasons.. and yeah this is the best story i ever read.. looking forward to hearing from you with your latest update..

    1. Hi and welcome! I'm glad to hear that you enjoy my stories. I hope that I can continue to keep you entertained.

  4. I love this couple. They are perfect for each other.

    1. I think so too. I'm really rooting for them.

  5. Kelly looked beautiful by the way.....

    1. Thanks so much for helping her pick out her dress. :)

  6. Kelly looks gorgeous!! Go Shane, go Shane!! Lol! I love this photostory. Your scenes are always so nice!

  7. Aww so sweet <3 you should be a romance writer. Seriously. Your love stories are so romantic u get butterflies in your stomach. They remind me of japanese romance cartoon stories I use to read. Always a cute good looking guy winning your heart. Sigh..

    1. Thanks Christine.♥ I'm definitely a sucker for a good romance story, but never really considered myself being a great writer of it. I try my best though. And I'm happy that you enjoy them. :)

  8. I love how you design everything. I am so happy that they hanging out more. I hope they stay together.

  9. They're so cute together. Can't wait to see where this goes... :-)

  10. I'm sorry if this sounds insensitive I really don't mean to be but why did you stop uploading to YouTube ? I miss you


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