Dinner is Served

The conversation flows from news to travel, while they enjoy their meals.

Ethan- "Can I just say, thanks for having me, I'm really having a good time."

Lisa- "We're glad to hear it, and we're also happy you joined us."

Lisa- "It's not often that Alex brings someone home for dinner."

Alex- "Mom."

Lisa- "Dear I'm only saying."
Michael- "We're happy to have you Ethan."

Lisa- "You're always welcome at our table."
Ethan- "Thank you Mrs. Stacey."

Lisa- "Please call me Lisa."
Ethan- "Thank you Lisa."
Lisa- "You're very much welcome."
After Dinner
Ethan helps clear the table.

Later, everyone makes their way to the living room, while Halle puts the final dishes away before joining them.
Alex walks back into the kitchen.

Alex- "I'm in trouble."
Halle- "Huh?"

Alex- "My agent quit on me today."
Halle- "What?  Why?"

Alex- "Umm...well...I've been late a few times...and kinda replaced."
Halle- "Alex!  Really?  She was great."
Alex- "Halle I know, I screwed up."
Halle- "What are you gonna do now?"

Alex- "Find another agent I guess."
Halle- "But are you gonna manage to get to your jobs on time Alex?"

Halle- "You have got to be more responsible."
Alex- "I'm trying Halle."

Halle- "Well, try harder."
Alex- "I will."
Halle- "Hmm, I have an idea...maybe Alicia could take you on as a client."

Halle- "I'll talk to her and let you know tomorrow."
Alex- "Oh that would be lifesaving."
Halle- "I'll tell you this though, she's not gonna put up with any of your nonsense either."
Shane arrives at Kelly's place to pick her up.

Ding Dong


  1. Its nice to see halles parents again. Ethan seems to be a charming young man and very helpful. Alex seriously needs to get it together. She depends on halle way to much and halle needs to put her foot down and let her sister learn.

    1. You're so right, Halle lets her slide a little much and Alex sure does take full advantage of it. Hopefully, before it's all said and done, they'll both learn.

  2. Hi Adrian! That nice dinner, the scenery is gorgeous as always! Ethan stop a good guy, and very friendly and polite. Poor Alex ..... I hope the problems are solutions. Always seek the support of Halle, and I see normally.

    A kiss!

    1. Hi Karmen. :) Alex does always seem to run to her big sister for help, hopefully she'll get on the right track and learn to depend on herself. And Ethan is a really good guy, Lisa really likes him.

  3. Hello from Spain: beautiful pictures of a family dinner. Ethan is a very polite and friendly guy. Halle has to be more responsible in her work. Halle always solves problems. A good relationship between sisters. Keep in touch

    1. Thanks Marta. I'm hoping that Alex is on the track to learning to be more responsible, although it looks like she's taking baby steps. And Halle is always willing to help her out.

  4. Hi Adrian, I really like mom's look, her hair and face look great! Lovely pictures of the dinner! Alex isn't very responsible, lucky for her she has Halle to save her :-).

    1. Thank you! And as for Halle and Alex, something has got to change. Hmm, we'll see. Oh boy. :)

  5. Hola, me encanta esta historia.
    Bonitas fotos.

  6. I am a sucker for family. Everthing and body looked great a dinner. Hopefully Alex will take her work seriously. I love your stories, dios, and quality of your photos. When I saw Shane and Kelly's door I was like "Yes" but then the story ended. :( Lol, I am waaay to excited about this date. I have to wonder though, Shane is a bit of a player, so is he really falling for Kelly or mixing business with pleasure?

    1. Thank you! And oops with the date story. :( I wanted to get it out yesterday, but couldn't. Hopefully today sometime. And as for Shane- he sincerely likes getting to know Kelly, although since it's fairly new, he may still have his player card at arms length. We'll see.

  7. Nice episode as always! Love your sets!

  8. Way to go Shane. I'm sure Alex's parents are happy to see a well mannered guy. I know Halle is trying to be helpful, but maybe she should allow Alex to fix some of her own issues instead of always coming to her rescue.

    1. They would love to see Ethan stick around, but it's no telling with Alex. This could be his first and last dinner with the folks. And I so agree, Halle needs to stop rescuing Alex all the time. There may be some changes around here.

  9. Shane & Kelly make the cutest couple. Hope everything goes well with the two.


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