To New Beginnings

Halle- "See, everything's gonna be fine.  Once you get a new agent, work will start flowing in
and you'll be right back on track."

Alex- "We should go celebrate."

Halle- "Celebrate?"

Alex- "New beginnings!"
Halle- "Maybe after you find an agent and get your first gig."

Alex- "Please?!  I need to get out.  I'll find one first thing tomorrow...promise."

Halle- "First thing tomorrow, Alex!"
Alex- "I'm gonna, I promise."
Halle- "Okay, I'll be ready in twenty minutes."

The girls leave the house at 10:45 pm and catch a cab to a local dance club.
Alex raises her glass- "To new beginnings!!"
Halle then raises hers- "Cheers!"
They talk, have more drinks
and dance the night away!
It's 2:45 am when they get home.

Halle- *smile* "Well, look who's still up."

Dean- "Couldn't sleep."

Halle- "Hmmm, maybe I can help you with that."


Dean rolls her over- "Did you have a good time?"
Halle- "I had a great time."
He leans in to kiss her.
Late morning, Halle enters Alex's room.

Halle- "Rise and shine."
Alex- *half asleep* "Huh?"

Halle- "I made you breakfast with a nice hot cup of coffee."

Alex- "Thanks."

Halle- "You're welcome.  It should help to kick off your day."

Alex- "Ugh, I have to find an agent today, huh?"
Halle- "Yep."

Alex- "I'll do it tomorrow."
Halle- "No, it's today."
Alex falls back on the bed- "'s today."

Halle- "Great.  I have to get to work, so enjoy your breakfast and good luck.  See you later."
Alex eats her breakfast and then drags herself out of bed.
Throughout the day she meets with four potential agents and decides to sign with Trixie.

Trixie- "Thanks for signing with me!  You're in great hands and-"

Alex- "I'm sure.  Look, just find me work.  I'll take anything at this point, as long as it has something to do with dancing, acting or modeling."
Trixie- "Got it."


  1. Hello from Spain: Nice pictures. I see that they danced all night. The images are very romantic. I like this couple so loving. I love the polka dot dress. Keep in touch

    1. Awe, thanks Marta. And the girls really had an awesome time out.

  2. Cute story. Loved how Halle's husband was waiting up for her and how she greeted him! Was Alex sleeping in the dress from the night before?

    1. Lol Yep, she just hopped right in bed.

  3. Hi Adrian! I love your blog, you have a great blog, I still long and every day you get over it. Alex is beautiful with that polka dot dress, and beautiful scenes. A kiss from Spain. I invite you to my blog.

    1. Thanks Karmen! It's really great to hear that you enjoy my blog. Hope that continues and thanks for the invite. :) xo

  4. I love this show. It's about time Alex getting a job. Halle is a good sister

    1. Oh goodness, we are so overjoyed that she's getting back to work. Lol

  5. It is great seeing the sisters bond. Very fun story! Hopefully, Alex will land a job.

    1. We are so hoping she does! Fingers crossed. And it was really cool having them bond, I think they need more of that. Thanks Georgia Girl :)

  6. I thought for sure Alex was going to flake out on Halle again. Glad to see she is trying to get some work. I wish I had a sister to bring me breakfast in bed.

    1. Oh, she sure did think hard about staying in bed all day, luckily she kept her word. Now hopefully, she'll keep it going.

  7. Hola, como ya has visto, me encanta tu blog, me da gusto que Halle tenga tan buen esposo, me gusta mucho la ropa de tus barbies, bonitas fotos.

    1. Hola, soy feliz de que usted lee mi blog y que siempre es agradable recibir sus comentarios. Gracias!


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