Fast Forward. Highlights and Updates


Halle makes breakfast.
 Around noon, she and her mom go bargain shopping.

And much later, they visit Carissa and treat her to a late lunch.


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Dean hangs with his buddies at the bar for a good old fashion boy's night.

Meanwhile, Kelly puts the final touches on the bakery.  She's set to open soon.

Her dad and sister come to lend a hand and keep her company.

Shane's been thinking about Kelly and gives her a ring.  They don't talk very long, but she was happy to get his call.

Alex gets back from the Bahamas.  She was supposed to be gone for the weekend only.

Her key isn't working.  Ethan hears the doorknob rattling and comes out.

Somehow he's found out about her and his brother together in the Bahamas.  He kicks her out.

Not too far away...
Halle and her mother prepare dinner.  This is Lisa's last day at their place.
Halle's dad, Michael, is back from his fishing trip and has come to take his sweetheart home.  He and Dean chat while waiting for dinner.
The doorbell rings, Dean grabs it and surprise it's Alex.

She greets everyone and then joins her mom and sister in the kitchen.

Alex wastes no time securing a place to stay.  Halle says yes, while putting out another plate.

They have dinner.  Hours later, mom and dad say good-bye.  Kisses and hugs for everyone.

Alex immediately retreats to the bedroom.

While Halle and Dean clean up.

Carissa's been working a lot and still doesn't have much of a dating life.

Olivia has had better luck in the dating department.  She and Landon have been getting closer.

Melissa spends quality time with her oldest daughter, Kayla.  They have lunch and take a walk through the park.  Her youngest, Sara, is spending time with her father.

Dean helps Halle put in a few hidden cameras in her stockroom.

Alex has been in bed day and night.  She continues to call Ethan, but he continuously sends her to voicemail.
Alex- "Voicemail again really...look, I'm sorry...and I'm not the apologizing type...just call me..."

Clark has filed for divorce and there's only one person on his mind.

Olivia invites Landon's mother, Ms. June, over for dinner.

Ms. June- "Thanks for dinner Olivia."
Olivia- "You're welcome.  It was nice to meet you."

Carissa and Halle visit a street mall.

Miles (Dean's father) talks to him about taking over the company once he retires next year.
Miles- "Think about it."
Dean- "I will."

Alex is in bed.  Ethan still isn't taking her calls; meanwhile Clark can't stop calling her.  She promptly sends his calls to voicemail.
Update:  Jessie and Amber have been on and off since the prenup issue.
Jessie's had enough of the back and forth, so he officially ends things with Amber.
Dean  Skypes with his sister, who's in her last year of Law School in California.
Dean- "We miss you over here."
Delilah- "I miss you guys too.  The holiday break isn't coming fast enough."

Melissa has been getting cozy with Mason over the past three months.

Halle fires Carra for theft.

Kelly and Shane have been enjoying their frequent phone conversations.

Halle- "So, what's going on Alex?  Do you ever plan on getting out of bed?"

Alex- *in somewhat of a daze* "I...have...nothing."


  1. Busy Busy Busy! I just loved this, and I'm pumped to see what's next. It looks like Alex is getting her just deserts. But I never expected that Carra was stealing! Truth be told, I thought it was Amber...

  2. Im glad Ethan found out about Alex and Clark because He seems like a decent guy. If Alex is not Answering Clark and Ethan isn't pick up Alex's calls, Maybe she'll go for Jessie again unless Carissa gets there first.
    I thought it was Amber stealing too...

  3. I definitely expected Amber to be the thief. Now that things are officially over between her and Jessie, maybe she can move on and be happier...and not as shady as she's been recently. I loved seeing all of these glimpses of everyone's lives!

  4. I thought Amber wss the thief too. I loved these life snapshots! Very entertaining! I'm glad things seem to be going well for Olivia. Hopefully Jessie and Carissa can't somehow have another chance. Alex needs therapy! Lol

  5. Wow, lots happening at the Waverly's! I thought the thief was Amber too. Can't wait to see what happens next.

  6. This was a wonderful show. It was nice to see everyone again who I haven't seen in a while.

  7. Goodness, so much going on. Some great things, and some not so great. Great overview.

  8. Wow! That was awesome. It was easy to imagine what was going on in the meanwhile if each scene. Very intriguing Adrian!

  9. Hello from Spain: I liked seeing all the characters again. For some time they did not go into the plot. I really like the outfits for your dolls. Keep in touch

  10. I'm so glad, that Amber & Jessie aren't together anymore. I would like Jessie with Carissa ^_^

  11. Hello from spain, i love your blog is very nice, kisses.

  12. Hola, que gran trabajo has hecho al presentar tantos personajes juntos, fue muy amena la lectura y vista de sus historias, me encantan tus dioramas, no imagino dónde guardarás tantos accesorios o cómo los tienes acomodados para ir armando las escenas, yo quito y pongo, por eso tardo tanto en publicar, en fin, gran trabajo, hasta pronto.

  13. Whoa..! Massive blog post! I feel sorry for Amber...Jessie and Amber werent right for each other but I felt there were times Jessie was insensitive to her needs. Maybe those two should have gone on a getaway.... whatever happened to Halle's friend Nicole and her hubby Tony???

    I cant wait for the bakery to open!! <3
    I love the doll clothes in these photos!!!


  14. Halle needs to let Alex figure stuff out on her own instead of enabling her. She needs to learn a huge lesson here. Im glad to see melissa is moving on with her life. I was hoping that her and her husband would reconcile and get back together but i like her new guy to. Kelly and Shane are definately a cute couple. I hope that we see more of them and Carisa needs to find love. I think the new hunger game peeta would make her an excellent boyfriend...hint hint.....

  15. I'm totally addicted with that story, and always back here for more and more!!!!

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  17. This was a great recap! I'm loving Kelly and Shane and I think it's nice that their taking is slow. I'm team Carissa when it comes to Jessie, Lol. Amber is a sweet girl but she's a little mild for Jessie. I think he needs more of a challenge and someone a little less clingy. I'm happy for Melissa too but I must admit, I was hoping she'd work it out with John. And...I'm loving that Olivia is getting closer to Landon, they're a nice couple too.}


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