A Mistake ... or is someone Stealing?

It's noon time.  Dean drives over to Halle's workplace.
Customer- "Thank you!"
Tiffany- "You're welcome!  Have a nice day."
Customer- "You too."
Tiffany- "Hey Mr. Waverly, looking for your wife?"
Dean- "Yeah, do you know where I can find her?"

Tiffany- "She's in the stockroom."
Dean- "Okay, thanks."
Tiffany- "No problem."
Dean makes his way to the back, meanwhile Halle's on the phone...
Halle- "Ma'am there's no reason to get upset, I'm just trying to figure out what's going on."

Halle- "This is the second box that I've received that's been missing merchandise.  The first was missing four dresses and now it's six pair of jeans."

Halle- "Yes, you can call back at this number."
Halle- "Thank you.  Bye."

Dean- "Everything okay?"

Halle- *pleasantly surprised* "Babe, what are you doing here?"

Dean- "I wanted to treat you to lunch and check up on you."

Halle walks up and plants a kiss on his lips- "Babe, I'm fine.  Really.  And I would love to have lunch."

Halle- "But, it'll be another forty five minutes or so.  Carra's at lunch now, then I'm sending Tiffany when she gets back."
Dean- "That's okay, I have time."

Halle- "Then again, today I'll probably have no more than fifteen minutes for lunch."

Halle- "And now I have to figure out what's going on with my merchandise."

Dean- "What do you mean?"

Halle- "Missing product."

Dean- "Do you think it's the vendor?"
Halle- "I'm not sure, they're looking into it now."

Halle- "I'll just have to stop ordering from them.  That's too bad, I love their products." 

Dean- "Maybe it's in house."
Halle- "What?  You think someone here could be stealing?"

Dean- "I know a great way to find out."
Halle- "Cameras?"

Dean- "Yep."

Halle- "Hmmm...okay, I'll get some installed."
An hour later Halle and Dean enjoy lunch in her office.


  1. Hello from Spain: Your hair Halle has a very smooth and nice. I really like the necklace and jacket. It is a problem in missing merchandise store. Keep in touch

  2. Hola, que gran tienda, seguro todos te lo dicen, que bonita pareja has armado, y más que son esposos, hoy pocos creen en el matrimonio. Espero sea una confusión la falta de mercancía. Hasta pronto.

  3. I have an idea who it might be too --- can't wait for the next installment!

  4. I bet its Amber who stole the products!! Hm...

  5. when is haelle going to get pregnant i realy want to know please oh and i think carissa and jessie suite


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