A few days later...

Halle and Dean enjoy breakfast and conversation.
After they finish eating, Halle clears the table.

Halle- "Oh!  I almost forgot, I invited my mom to come stay with us,

Halle- "while my dad's away on his annual fishing trip.  Is that okay with you?"
Dean- "Yeah, your family is always welcome."

Halle- "And there's something else I should tell you."
Dean- "What's that?"
Halle- "I'm late..."
Dean- "...Like late late?"

Halle- *smile* "Yes.  I could be pregnant!"
Dean- "Yeah?!"
Dean- *smile* "That's awesome.  When are you gonna find out for sure?"

Halle- "I'll pick up a test tonight on my way from work."
Dean- "Wow."
Halle- *giggles*
Not too long after, they get dressed for work.  Dean's putting on his watch when

Halle re-enters their bedroom looking very somber.

Halle- "False alarm."

Dean- "Huh?"
Halle- "I'm not pregnant.  My cycle just started.  Sorry babe."

Dean- "Halle, you have nothing to be sorry for, it's okay."

Halle- "We could've been parents."
Dean- "And one day we will be."
Dean- "Are you gonna be okay?"
Halle- "Of course."
Dean "Good," while he leans in and kisses her.  "I love you."
Halle- "I love you," as she lays her head on his shoulder.
About five minutes after their embrace, they are out the door.  Halle makes it to the boutique and Dean goes to Pinnacle Capital.



  1. Aw...poor Halle. Maybe, this will start the conversation of when. :). I forget, did they decide against the new home development or are they waiting for new construction? They'll definitely need a bigger place for future little ones. :)

  2. Great scenes and very natural the story. well done work i enjoy a lot!

  3. Hello from Spain: the arrival of a baby is always a very cheerful and happy news. I want this couple to have a baby very soon. Nice kitchen. Keep in touch

  4. Are Halle's black pants your design? Nice...

  5. A nosotros nos paso igual, falsa alarma, pero cuando es cierto, no lo puedes creer, bonita historia. Que guapos van a trabajar.

  6. Halle and Dean are going to make great parents someday!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Halle and Dean would've been great parents!!


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