One Thing At A Time

Halle is opening up the shop with Talia.  They say their hellos, then Halle makes her way to the office to check emails, voicemails and all that jazz, while Talia prepares the front.
But before she makes it to the office door...

Talia- "Halle, can I talk to you real quick?"
Halle turns back around- "Of course."
Talia- "Ah...I'm not trying to step on anyone's toes or anything, it's just that this has really been bothering me."
Halle- "What is it?"

Talia- "Umm...well, if I knew that there was an opportunity to work as your assistant, I would have applied for the position."

Halle- "I know and I'm sorry for that.  The thing is, the position is no longer available, not even to Amber."
Halle- " I went over a few things and concluded it's just not something that's needed right now.  It was rash and completely unprofessional of me."

Talia- "Oh, okay.  And just so we're clear, I love working here."

Talia- "I guess that's why it was bothering me.  I would like an equal chance to grow with the company."

Halle- "And I love you working here, you are an exceptional member of this team and I would hate to see you leave."

Halle- "If the position was to open up in the future, you'll be the first to know."

Talia- "Thanks Halle."
Halle- "Not a problem.  Was there anything else?"

Talia- "No, I feel a whole lot better now."
Halle- "Good.  I'll be right back."

Talia- "Okay."
Halle makes her way to the office, while Talia gets the registers ready.

Halle enters, drops her bags, takes a seat, a deep breath, slowly exhales,

opens up her laptop, grabs her purse, digs out her phone, then dials her sister.

Alex picks up on the second ring, sounding very chipper.

Alex- "What's up?!"

Halle- "Where are you?"

Alex- "Headed to the Bahamas!  I can't wait to get there, there's a Bahama Mama with my name on it."

Halle- "Are you going alone?"
Alex- "With a friend."
Halle- "Ethan?"
Alex- "Close."
Halle- "His brother?"
Alex- "Bingo."

Halle- "I can NOT believe you!  You're still fooling around with married men?  They are not available to you Alex."

Halle- "There are so many singles in New York!  And not to mention, poor Ethan, I bet he's thinking he's got himself a real catch."

Alex- "Wow, why so cranky?"

Halle- "You know, Clark's wife paid me a visit this morning."

Alex- "Did you give her a black eye?"

Halle- "Alex, grow up!!"
With that, Halle hangs up the phone.

Alex- "Hello?  Halle?!"

Clark- "Come on."

Alex- "..."


  1. Will she .... or won't she? Hmmm. Only time will tell. That's where Brandy should have been. Lordy, lordy, lordy.

    1. Tell me about! Don't know why she was in that garage.

  2. Alex better stop fooling with married men.
    Its looks like a hobby to her.
    There will be alot drama coming,i hope brandy gives her what she deserves

    1. I agree, Alex does seem to enjoy it, but she just might have met her match.

  3. Wow! I am loving this twist. Okay, I have three questions.
    Where did you find the brick scrapbook paper?
    Did you spray paint old bodies black to create the mannequins?
    Where are Talia's pants from?

    1. Thanks Connor! The paper is from Joann's Fabric. Yes, I spray painted the bodies with Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch (great paint by the way) and Talia's pants were a thrift find. But, here's a link to a pair that I saw on Ebay-

  4. La historia se pone muy interesante, ojala no acabe sufriendo mucho Alex, todo se paga en esta vida.

    1. Gracias, no creo que Alex con sufrir demasiado. Esperemos que aprenda a pensar en los demás y no sólo a sí misma.

  5. Please tell me Alex is not pulling double duty between brothers? It is bad enough he is married. Where is Brandy? How is it her man is boarding a plane to the Bahama's with another woman? She should not be stalking down her husbands mistresses sister. She should be wrecking havoc at the airport! Is that it? Is she really not concerned with her husbands extra activities? Is she trying to cause problems with Halle and Dean so she can slip in herself? Hmmm......the plot thickens!

    1. Oh, I would love to tell you that Miss Alex isn't going between brothers, but...I can't, since it's true. I know, it's horrible. Brandy should have been at the airport confronting her husband and his mistress, instead of being at the garage. She definitely has an agenda. ;) Stay tuned!

  6. Hello from Spain: I like Halle's office. She is very pretty. I also like the polka dot dress from the store. Alex is also very beautiful and elegant. She is one of my favorite Barbies. Great plane. I like the shirt Clark is wearing. Keep in touch

    1. Thanks Marta. I really like Halle and Alex's beauty too and I lucked out with the dress and plane at the thrift. One day, I hope to get around to adding more accessories to the shelf in Halle's office. :)

  7. Alex is ruthless. Lol! I cannot wait to see this unfold.

  8. Lol, Halle's all..."Girl, bye!" She's over it.


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