Now Boarding

Alex is about to board an airplane with the married, Clark Gilbert, and has just
been hung up on by her disapproving sister.
Clark- "Is everything okay?"

Alex- "Hmm mmm."

Clark extends his arm- "Give me your hand."

Alex- "Well, thank you", as she walks up the steps.
Clark- "You look stunning."

Alex- "Thanks", then gives him a peck on the cheek.
She makes her way to her seat, while Clark grabs her suitcase.

As Alex sits and waits, she drifts into thought.

'How can Halle just hang up on me like that?  And what the heck is wrong with Brandy?  Clark doesn't even want her anymore.  It's it?  It better be.  Ethan and I aren't even in a relationship...well, not a serious one.'

'Granted we live together...wait, I live with him.  He sure does make some killer pancakes.  I can't believe he bought that I'm staying with my parents for the weekend story.  Oh gosh...what am I doing?'

Clark- "Did you hear me?"

Alex- "No, what did you say?"

Clark- "I'm happy that you decided to come with me."
Alex- "Oh."

Alex- "Have you filed those papers yet?"

Clark- "Ah...not yet."
Alex- *annoyed* "Maybe you should call me when you do or don't, whatever."
She gets up to leave and Clark grabs her arm.

Clark- "Please don't go."

Alex- "Give me a reason to stay."

Clark- "I'll file the divorce papers as soon as we get back."

Alex- "Not a day after."

Clark- "You got it."
Feeling a twinge of guilt, she retakes her seat.

Clark- "You will tell my brother about us."

Alex- "I told you I would, but when I feel it's time."
The pilot arrives 10 minutes later and they take off to the Bahamas.


  1. For a minute there I thought Alex was going to do the right thing but I guess she just won't learn. You would have thought after her sister hung up on her that she would get a clue plus she was dating his brother! Wow this is definately getting interesting.

  2. Alex is living "La Vida Loca" without any regard to consequences. Now the real question is how will Halle react when she returns home to her husband. I like her attitude thus far - calm, cool, and collected but will it last? I guess I will have to keep tuning in until the next episode...;)

    1. appreciablegifts

      I think that Halle and Dean love each other deeply and if she asks him i'm sure he won't lie to her because thats how he is. Halle might be a little hurt at first but I think she will forgive and get past this. this is only my perception of it! :)

    2. Halle is all class so I doubt she will react with much theatrics. Yet, if it is true initially the shock will cause some tension - no? I think this is the beginning of the real marriage, learning about the person you love past life/ indiscretions... (C'est la vie)

    3. Ahhhhhh the indiscretions.....

    4. Thanks for continuing to tune in everyone! We'll be getting to the bottom of Brandy's allegation and as for Alex, well...we'll see, there's got to be some good in her somewhere. ;)

  3. I love your stories so much. It just wonderful. This just can't get enough 8-)

  4. Oh Alex, Lol. I gotta say though, with the exception of Jesse, I have no sympathy for the guys she plays on. It definitely takes two to Tango. ;)


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